Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A new gesture

Maggie loves to talk. Yes, she is a lot like her mommy. She is a Little Tracy--LOL! She is now starting to use her hand as a gesture along with her words. She is so animated and funny. It's too cute!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mama told me there'd be days like this!

I must say that today brought just a little bit too much stress for my liking. I do admit that most of it was self inflicted but still.

I decided to send them today for a few hours so I can get some much needed uninterrupted housework done. Miss Molly has been sick so I kept her home with me. After my provider asking me three times if Gav or Mag's were pukey sick and me confirming that no, they were not, I was on my way to clean the castle...

Within an hour, I got the call. Maggie puked. OK, change of plans. Off to daycare I go. Explaining that I really wasn't lying that the kids were not sick. I got the feeling she thought I was full of @#$%. That is so unfair! I wouldn't have brought them if they were sick and I resent the fact that she thought I would lie to her! Ugh!

Molly's been sick. Nothing big, just sick. Clear runny nose that is green in the mornings with a productive cough. But what was bothering me is that she has been sleeping for 5 days! She is up for maybe two to three hours at a time and then needs to sleep again. An occasional fever but nothing big. So I am worried. Mike thinks she is just sleeping because she's sick and reminds me that nurses make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am worried that, yup, she has the "L" word. Petechiae? Nope. Bruising? Nope. Extreme fatigue? Yup. Low Grade fever? Yup. OK, so I am just waiting for the ball to drop. Molly is just too healthy. So I bring her to the doctor. She listens to my story and orders a Chest xray and a CBC. Oh, thank God! A CBC!

Diagnosis: Lower right lobe pneumonia and a bilateral ear infection (This is a first for her BTW!). White count: 8.9, ANC: 5.8; Nope, not leukemia. Only in my world would I think sick lungs and an infected ear would be great news!

So I call Mike to get money for the antibiotic and he says to me, "so cancer is treated through an oral liquid now days, huh?" Smarty pants! Until the next time I think she has Leukemia. Ok, guys, I must stop reading all these DS babies with Leukemia blogs; it's making me paranoid!

Off I go to nurse my little princess back to health...
(Oh, and Maggie? No pukey's, no fever, no nothing!)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

We had a wonderful holiday season. It was especially nice as I have to work every other Christmas and I had this year off. It was so fun to watch the look on my kids' face as they opened up, "what they always wanted".

I, too, opened up what I have always wanted, however, I was not aware that it was what I've always wanted until after the fact. My mom gave each of us kids (there are four of us)a scrap book of our childhood, a picture CD of all the pictures AND a DVD of ALL of our pictures played with music. WOW! I choked back the tears! It was the most amazing gift I have ever received. It was so fun to look at each of my siblings book and "remember when".

So, thank you, mom for making this the best Christmas and for getting me the unforgettable gift.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Special Girls..

As I am sure you have noticed, I have two new buttons on my sidebar. These are two girls that have captured my heart.

Zoey from Little Wonders was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. in late October. Children with Down Syndrome have a higher risk of getting this form of Leukemia. The good news is that there is a 90% survival rate. The bad news is that it is an aggressive form of cancer and it needs to be treated as such so Zoey will need many rounds of chemo. Please pray for her and her long journey ahead.

I love to follow blogs about adoptions from Reece's Rainbow. Back in October for Down Syndrome Awareness month, RR blogspot sponsored a child each day. It was on October 24th that I first laid eyes on Victoria. I just fell in love with her immediately! There is just something about this little princess. I wanted to bring her home! Well, of course, we are not in a position financially to complete an adoption (it costs >$20K to complete this adoption) nor was my husband on board with this dream of mine! I don't blame him one bit. He kept telling me I was crazy as we already have four kids which is more than enough. OK, so he has a valid point. One day recently, I noticed that Victoria had "Found her Forever Family!!" I can't even tell you how excited I was that Victoria found her American Family. I must say, the family that chose her seems to be just perfect for her. The Garcia's have a 4 year old child with Down Syndrome that also had AML and is in remission! It will be 7-8 months by the time Victoria (now named Kellsey) will come home. Please keep this family in your prayers and that Kellsey will come home soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Last night we had our Daycare Christmas Party. I truly look forward to this every year. Janice (my daycare provider) has a wonderful spread of food and desserts alike, then has Santa come. And what a great Santa he is. He sings holiday jingles with the kids, then calls them each up one by one and gives them their very special gift. The whole time, he making the kids laugh; he is a silly, jolly old sole!

When Santa walked in, all the kids were cheering and so happy. Janice says, "wow, no screamers this year?" I responded with, "this may be a first". Well, we both spoke too soon. Yup, Maggie was terrified! As soon as she saw him, her whole body shook. I thought she might need a bag to breathe into! Molly, well, she is still just as curious as she was last year. Gavin, of course, just loves and believes in Mr. Claus.

Maggie scared to death!

Warming up...

As close as we are going to get. I didn't realize she was picking her nose--lol~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday x 2!!!!

I am so excited to announce that Kelly over at Smudges&Blips had two beautiful, perfect, adorable, and kissable baby girls on Tuesday!

All three ladies are doing wonderful! Congrats, Brian and Kel!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"Merry Christmas"--oops! Happy Holidays??

I would like to invite you to visit Shelley's Blog and read this particular post. It is such a wonderfully written post and I seriously could not have said it better myself.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The many Faces of Maggie

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Austin is 14!

Yikes! Where did the time go? Yesterday my oldest turned 14. He wanted a snowboard for his birthday (he is in the snowboarding club at school this year) so we made a trip "to the cities". We went to dinner with family at the Granite City Brewery (a family favorite!) and then went shopping for the perfect snowboard.

Happy Birthday, Austin!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Maggie's Modification

Maggie loves to dress herself and pick out her own clothes each morning. Today she insisted on wearing this polka dotted dress that I got for $5 on clearance at Target at the end of the summer! Ok, Mags, it's winter, pick out out something else. Oh boy, she wasn't having it.

So we made it work. A long sleeve shirt underneath, baby legs to cover up her legs, and lets not forget the winter boots that she insists on wearing around the house all day, everyday.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Let it snow...Finally!!

We finally had our first snow fall of the season today and the kids are having a blast! It's about 20 degrees without windchill. In other words, it's a pretty perfect snowy night here in Minnesota!

Mike pulled the kids behind the four wheeler.

The gang!

"Mike! Hook up the sled! Hook up the sled!" The kids were soooo excited!

I love this hat on Mike; it makes me laugh! He loves it because it keeps him so warm.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Out like a light!

As I mentioned, I worked Thanksgiving and Mike and the kids went to Nana and Bapas house.

Nana was telling me how she came into the family room to find Maggie sitting on Bapa's lap laughing and giggling....

Then Nana came back 2 minutes later and...

Poor Mag's was partied out...

Friday, December 5, 2008

I am too sick...

Having Lisa, Molly's therapists, come each week is just a part of our routine. ! She had a baby last spring and she took four months off. Let's just say that she was greatly missed and I just couldn't "connect" with the new therapist. I was totally relived when Lisa came back. It turns out that she gave away most of her clients to this new girl but she chose to keep Molly as her own--yeah!

The kids absolutely adore her! Each week she comes with a bag full of surprises (activities for Molly to do). It's pretty cute watching Molly's face light up when she see's Lisa and her and Maggie pretty much dive for the bag of goodies, "What did Lisa bring for us to play with this week?".

I asked Gavin to pick up the toys because Lisa was coming in the morning. (I didn't really think about it but Gavin goes to morning Kindergarten and Lisa always comes in the morning so he has not seen Lisa since August. And did I mention that he LOVES Lisa?)

He immediately says, "Mom, I am sick! I can't go to school tomorrow. If I do, I will throw up. I have to stay home!"

My kids love, love, love Lisa...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you remember??

Being a little girl going to bed with your Glow Worm?. Oh, I jut loved mine and the girls love theirs.

Molly loves to push, push, push and make it light up over and over again

Maggie with her Lightening McQueen pillow that she stole from her big brother Gavin (that he will never get back, BTW), her glow worm and her new favorite sleeping buddy, Curious George

"Hey, Mags! Since you are free, do you mind grabbing my Worm that I deliberately threw out of the crib? Thanks--you're the best!!"

Monday, December 1, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Wow! I cannot believe it has been a week since I have last posted. I had to work through the holiday last week. Tuesday through Thursday night. That was hard on me as my family went to the in-laws overnight and I was home all alone. As much as I crave the one hour to myself some days, it sure saddens me when my family is away from me. I also had to miss out on black Friday--boo, hoo! I guess I could've gone after working three 12 hour night shifts at 7:30am but for some reason, I sure was tired/exhausted--LOL! That was the first time I have missed out on Black Friday in years.

I have thought about all the things that I am Thankful for. That was one of the topics of conversation at work last week.

I am thankful for:
1) My husband. Without him, I would be...umm..crazy?? I would be lost. It's been an amazing year for us and for that, I am thankful.

2) Our families. Both sides have been there for us in crazy times, busy times, and the not-so-good times. We really are very, very fortunate to have such wonderfully supportive parents and siblings! I know watching my kids while we work is a lot of work but if anyone is just dying to come back for oh, say a three day weekend, you are more than welcome. Just give me a heads up so I can book our honeymoon.

3) For my healthy children. OK, so I realize that this is generic but really, it's the truth. I thank God everyday that they are all here and happy and well rounded and HEALTHY! This is especially true with Molly. How we have dodged all the issues that could (and still may) come along with her extra chromosome amazes me everyday. She had her PDA clipped at 4 months and intusseception at 6 months and nothing since. She can hear, see, poop on her own (interpretation; is not constipated), and can eat by herself. She really is truly an amazingly healthy child.

4) That my friend, Kelly is still pregnant with her sweet identical twin girls. (Thanks, Becca! I got it! Whoa hoo!)

5) That Mike and I both have stable jobs that are not being threatened during this darn recession. Knock on wood! Go! Go do it right now!!

6) And for Coffee!! In any form but I prefer it with Vanilla creamer. At least 2 cups a day. Yum! Yum! Without coffee, well, we won't think about that. That would be bad. Very, very bad!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Molly's visist with the Opthamologist

Ummm...I am left a little confused as to how Molly's opthamology appointment went yesterday.

They always have her do some flash cards (to see if she can see the stripes; eventually the stripes almost match the background and you can no longer see them), then they have her follow a light around and then dilate the pupils and do another exam. It was an hour and half; not fun with Maggie and Gavin running around.

At the end of all the tests, the doctor says, "You are an interesting child, Molly". My goodness, my heart just sank. What did she mean?

Apparently most children get progressively farsighted up to age 4. Molly has gone the opposite of that and is now slightly nearsighted. She continues to have mild strabismus (turning in of the eye) that, in my opinion, is getting a little worse each day. The last thing the doctor said was, "So, I am comfortable holding off on the glasses for another 6 months. She has the potential to go either way."

So, we will follow up in 6 months or before if the strabismus worsens. So, I guess we wait and see if we need glasses?

I am thankful that we have dodged this bullet so far. I am thankful that we do not have to do surgery. So all is good?!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We mustn't forget about Maggie!

I wasn't kidding when I was wrote that Maggie makes sure that she is not forgotten. Oh, I no longer worry about Maggie not getting enough attention. She cracks me up! When Molly was working on walking, I'd put my hands in the air and say, "Molly, walk to mommy!". It was soon after that that Maggie would say, "Maggie, walk to mommy!" and she would run up to me and give me a big old hug! Geez, Mags, you've been walking for 20 months now but GOOD JOB!!

Today we (as in Maggie and I) were working with Molly on cup stacking. Maggie took pride in showing Molly how it is done. Then, she (Maggie) took them, stacked them and said, "Look, mama! Maggie did it! Maggie did it!" Of course, I said, "Good Job, Maggie!" Again, she's been cup stacking for a year now, but Good Job, Maggie!

She's so darn sweet!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sibling Night Out

For those of you who don't know me personally, I have two brothers and a sister. Once we hit adulthood, we started going out together every now and again. Well, for whatever reason (most likely due to our inability to stop reproducing) we took a break for a few years but now we are back!

Do to some of our schedules (my schedule working every third weekend, Rudy's job, and Dan and Jeremy having drill one weekend/month) we had to reschedule a few times but we finally got together. Our plan was to go out to dinner and then to the comedy club for some laughs. We started out trying to find a restaurant that didn't have an hour wait. Guess where we ended up??

Too funny! Not quite sure how we ended up there. We sat at a cool wood table that was shaped like Minnesota. (No, it doesn't take much to amuse me)

Everything was going good up until we went to the Martini Lounge after the comedy club and they made me the strongest martini I have EVER had. Let's just say the night went sour for me after that. Why is it that I am always the "naughty" one on sibling night out? I think I will be the D.D. next time. I will keep myself out of trouble that way.

All in all, it was a fun night. Thanks, guys!

Now for the introductions...
My sister Carie and her husband, Dan

My brother Jeremy, and his wife Lea.

Me and my hunny bunny

The baby of the family, Rudy

The four of us siblings

...and all of us!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls, girls, girls!!

Tonight Austin had a school dance. It was a great theme put on by R.A.D.D (Rocori Against Destructive Decisions; a student led organization focused on spreading an anti-drug message).

When I went to pick him up, I watched him walk out with THREE girls. No boys were with him. Oh boy, oh boy! My little boy is growing up. Sigh.

A random thought...

So, we live in a small town. We bank at the credit union here in town. When you walk in, you are greeted by name. Not just some of the customers, ALL of the customers. We joke that they have picture flash cards of all of their customers and in their downtime, they quiz each other.

Anyway, today I went there to make the van and truck payment. I, of course, am greeted with, "hello, Tracy. How are you? How are Mike and the kids?". So, they know us pretty well then, right?

You see, I paid for Mike's truck payment (which is in his name only) and my van payment (which is in my name only) with one check from MY checking acocunt. It was accompanied by Mike's truck statement and my van statement.

The kicker: They handed me my receipt and put Mike's in a sealed envelope and sent me on my way.

Are they serious?? I can walk in with my husbands statement and pay with my money but I can't view the freakin' recepit?? Does anyone else find this odd or is this just me?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm on my way!

Molly is in the process of "perfecting" her walk. She now takes 10 to 20 steps independently. She will go from sitting to standing all by herself. She will pause or use furniture to stablize herself. It's so refreshing to see her once again, become Miss Independant.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Two year old perspective..

Last night while reading Maggie and Gavin a story book, Maggie kept grabbing the book from me:

Me: "Maggie, no no"
Maggie: "my storybook ,mama"
Me (getting a little frustrated now): "No, no Maggie Jean! Don't touch!!"
Maggie (with a very concerned look on her face): "Why? Is it hot?"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Two year pictures

OK--so I don't have a scanner so I had to take pictures of the pictures. They are not the best in the quality department but you can see how good these actually turned out.

This was my favorite one! It's just a bonus shot (Maggie's with the "2" didn't turn out)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Little Miss Busy Bee!

Whoa! I am exhausted! Little Miss Molly has kept me quite busy this morning. She is really advancing in her Independence and learning new skills every day--I just love it!

I was in the office picking up while Molly was suppose to be eating breakfast. I walk into the kitchen to find Molly performing her new trick:

She was standing there saying, "Hi, mum". Naughty, naughty...

Oh, the tricks don't stop there! I let her out of her highchair, she crawls (the stubborn buck won't walk even though she knows how) over to the TV, turns it ON, yes, she knows how to turn the TV ON, looks up at me and says, "babe". She wanted to watch Baby Signing Time. So I turn it on...

And Baby Signing Time it was until....

10 minutes later, she is throwing all of the bibs out of the bib drawer in the kitchen. I said to Molly, "No, no, Molly; you need to pick those up and put them away. You know what happened next? She did it! OMG--she did it! She's so darn smart!

Molly putting the bib away..

...and then closing the drawer

I just love this little girl!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

What a beautiful night! If I had to guess, it was in the 50's last night for trick or treating! It was a perfect night weather wise.

We had a Pirate Princess, Batman, and a Butterfly....

We started off with going to my friend Tina's house for the annual Halloween dinner for the kids. She has a little tiny dog that Maggie is just in love with...

My sweet butterfly...

This house was super "scary" and Maggie wouldn't go near it. She kept saying, "I want to go home, mommy! I don't like this. Let's go, mommy please??" I was able to capture her in front on the scary stuff once she was a certain distance away...

Mike stayed home and handed out candy with Miss Molly (she was too tired) and I took Maggie and Kooper around. I lost Gavin shortly after the scary house. He did finally return with his friends 2 hours later with 50# of candy!

We then got together with some neighbors and played the Wii. I have not laughed that hard in a very long time. Watching adults act like little kids was just too funny! It was a lot of fun!