Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, I survived another trip to Valleyfair with my eldest, Austin. We left at 0730 and arrived back at home at 0030 last night. It was a perfect day! It was hot and sunny until about 3pm, then a nice cloud cover rolled on in to make the second half of the day bearable. My friend, Krin, came with me and we sat in the pool area from 1100-1500. It was peaceful and wonderful. However, back on the home front, not so much. My sister watched the three youngest and the house was nothing but peaceful--Ha! Ha! Maggie smeared poop (again!) all over her crib for Carie to clean up and Gavin thought he would pee right in the garage--what???!! Ugh! My poor sister. Thank you, thhank you, thank you Carie!!! You were my night and shining armor. I needed the break! We are leaving for Rick and Sarah's cabin on Sunday afternoon for a few days. A home away from home. Not sure if it will really be a "vacation" but memories will be made at any rate.

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