Thursday, August 28, 2008

And she's off....

It has been such a proud parent day for Mike and I today. Mike is so good with Molly in regards to her therapies. He works with her on her fine and gross motor skills daily. He usually leaves the OT/feeding issues to Mommy but I don't mind.

Today during Therapy hour, Miss Molly took FOUR independent steps, stood up and clapped for 15 or so seconds (once she starts clapping, she usually falls right down), and stood up from a sitting position without the use of an aide! Go, Molly Go!! She may just walk by the time the Buddy Walk comes!

Molly has been climbing up stairs for quite a while now (I think since 17 months?) but has not learned or have any desire to learn how to get DOWN the stairs. She gets frustrated so I usually put this on the back burner during therapy. Today, I told Molly to crawl up the stairs to go Night Night. She went up three and then went down three. Yup! That's right! That little stinker moved her short little extremities right down the stairs without a second thought! I was so excited that I just had to tell Mike about it. Know what daddy had to say?? "Oh, yeah. We have been working on that. We just practiced that last night." I had no idea she was mastering this skill behind my back. Good job, daddy!

I am so proud. So proud of Miss Molly for all her newly attained abilities. So proud of her daddy for helping her be the best she can be...

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