Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buddy Walk 2008

The day of Molly's first buddy walk was absolutely beautiful (80's and sunny!). We raised the $1000 that I wanted-yeah hoo!

Miss Molly fell asleep before the walk even began and slept through it. Poor little sweetie, she was just so tired and HOT!

She had a total of 21 people on her team. Mostly family and two of my very best friends. Thank you all for walking and supporting Down Syndrome! Thanks to all who made donations. I love you, guys!

Some of Molly's Team on the walk

What can I say? I am sooo cute!!

My Cousin Seth, Big brother Gavin, and friends Megan and Lauren

Me and Auntie Pam

Me with Auntie Sheila!

Ohhhh! Me with my uncle John BEFORE walking through the arch at the start of the Buddy Walk....

Me and by Best Friend and Sister Maggie in our wagon

Seriously, Auntie Carie! I've had enough! I am HOT and I am tired and I just want to go home!!

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