Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Last Summer Trip of 2008!

This past weekend, spur of the moment, we went up to my parents farm. We figured we better go "one last time" before school starts as we probably won't make it back up there for months.

There was a parade in the town Mike and I got married in so we stopped there first. It was short and sweet and the kids got LOTS of candy! Mike, Gavin, and our puppy Lexy were actually in the parade with some family. Gavin loved throwing all that candy...

Grandpa Jerry with his newly rebuilt Tractor:

Cousin (my nephew, the kids' cousin) with his new Gator he got this summer

And the very proud Gavin with daddy and Lexy

Then off to the farm we went for a hay ride. Always enjoyable and relaxing.

Maggie with Uncle Al

Miss Molly with the wind in her hair

Mike and my mom (sorry mom, I love this one of you!)

Mr. Million Dollar Smile

The men looking at the tower. Not sure what was so intriguing but a fun picture.

I don't know what it is about the country. I hated LIVING in it growing up and now I find that I hate LEAVING it.

Ahhh, back to school tomorrow. It's so sad that yet another summer has flown by us.


anne said...

Totally! How much did we complain about living in the country?? I miss it too :) I gotta call you and tell you all about baby Jack! xoxo

anne said...

Totally! Yeah how much did we complain about living in the country and how bored we were?? I miss it too :)