Monday, September 22, 2008

Maggie visits mommy's work..

Maggie had such a hard week last week. She was quite irritable and cranky, up at night and just not feeling well. Overnight Wednesday, she developed a fever on 104.5 and I could not get the fever to break. Through Tylenol and Motrin and a cool bath; nothing seemed to work. She would wake up SCREAMING, then settle, then up again. My nursing intuition told me that she had a urinary tract infection. I brought her into the clinic on Thursday morning and sure enough, she had UTI. Her white count was very high and her CRP (a generic test that tests for inflammation in the body) was way, way high! We electively placed her in the hospital; the floor that I work on. I was too uncomfortable with her high temps and she was vomiting and I was worried that she would become dehydrated. Thank God we did. Her fever remained high until we were able to get an IV placed, then the temp gradually went down and we were able to maintain her temperature without the "spikes" of 104!

We were discharged on Saturday afternoon after a lot of convincing the doctor to let us go "early" as we had Molly's Buddy Walk on Sunday morning (that is a later post).

I am happy to report that she is close to normal, no more fevers and is eating and drinking again. Her white count and CRP are decreasing. We will see the pediatrician this afternoon for a hospital follow up.

Mr. Gavin loves to go to Mommy's work because of all the fun toys to ride on! LOL!

Poor Maggie!! Isn't she so sweet?? Nanna took good care of her on Friday.

Grandpa Jerry came to visit Mag's. Molly loves to play with grandpa and take his hat off, glasses off, and pull his hair..

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And then there were three.... said...

I am so glad that you followed your intuition and brought her in. Glad she is feeling better!