Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleep Issues...

So, the mother of 4 needs some advice!

This is where Maggie sleeps at night:

She is laying next to Molly's crib. She is all of a sudden refusing to sleep in her bed. Sleeping in her bed upsets her. We put a gait up at her door so she doesn't get out. That upsets her. We close her door. That upsets her.

She wants to sleep with Molly in her crib but there are a couple problems with that:
1) The crib is way too small for two toddlers
2) Molly pulls hair and Maggie would not have any left if I let her sleep with her sister.

We thought of putting Maggie in with Gavin as he has a full size bed. The problem with that?
1) She may keep Gavin up at night and he is a big kindergartner and needs his sleep.
2) Maggie OR Molly may miss each other and not sleep well without each other.

What is a mother to do??

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