Sunday, October 12, 2008

Birthday Fun!

When I was thinking about what to blog about today, I remembered that I had to yet post about M & M's birthday.

It was a fun day. The ladies got a kitchen set and baby strollers, pack -n- plays, and swings, and lots of clothes (mommy's favorite!). They are having a total blast with all of it. Even Molly was putting the babies in the strollers and pushing them around. She got a mat that makes music that will help her to "stomp" and stand up (Great idea grandma!).

I really can't believe that they are TWO already! It seems like yesterday that I had them. (My big gut and butt think they were just born too--LOL!)

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Becca said...

Happy Birthday girls! Your girls are adorable! The musical mat is a wonderful idea, too. I love what you said about knowing that Molly would be okay, and that you just wanted to make sure she was healthy. We felt much the same way when Samantha was born--we loved our baby no matter what, and her heart surgery at 4 months was the biggest hurdle!