Monday, October 20, 2008

Letting Go(Army Wives Style)

I watch the show "Army Wives" on Lifetime TV. The very end of Sunday nights episode showed a man whom lost both of his legs to the war and was talking to other soldiers in the same situation about life now after the explosion; how this life changing event has changed him and his life. It touched me. All of you that are currently experiencing a new diagnosis of a child with DS and those with children with DS, can relate to this story. It's a little blunt (military style) but is sooo good true! I changed some things so it makes sense without changing the meaning..

"On September 25th, 2006, my life changed. Letting go. That is what is what this is mostly about. The first thing that you have to let go of is worrying about stuff that is out of your control. What happened, happened. So take a deep breathe. This is your new reality. Whatever anger and frustration you have, you gotta let go of that too. There's no reverse button on our lives. It's not going to be easy; I know that. Your brain is going to try to steer you off course, like some stubborn horse that doesn't want to stay on the trail. But the really important things; those get clearer in your head. I mean it. No matter what junk you thought you needed before to make your life worthwhile, it goes away. Life gets a lot more basic and a lot richer. In the coming months (years), it's gonna be scary. I won't tell you it isn't. The small changes can be scary, but their still small. It's like you started out as one person and a thing like this changes you and this whole new person starts to form. But until you let go, you'll never realize your full potential. So that's it. All of us here, we were given a special challenge (gift) and what I have to keep believing is that special gifts allow for something special to float to the surface. Something that I may have never known about myself if September 25th hadn't had happened. ."So it's all about letting go of what could've been and only holding on to the things that really matter."

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