Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Doctor Fun

Today Maggie and I made a trip to Pediatric Short Stay. There she was given a sedative called Versed. She was too funny! She was acting goofy and laughing and laughing.

  • They put a catheter in and the staff was wonderful! They had a child life specialist there distracting her with bubbles and books. So, between the sedative and the distractions, the cathing went very well.

  • We then proceeded down to Radiology where they attempted to perform a VOIDING cystogram. Yes, the key word here is voiding. They filled her bladder to the max (ouchie!) and waited her her to void. And waited, and waited....

  • Yup, it was pretty much unsuccessful. She was crying so hard and sweating and screaming to be "all done" that she tightened her bladder muscles. Poor baby girl.

  • She starting peeing once for couple of drops but then stopped. He was able to capture a little bit.

  • There was no reflux shown, however, it was hardly a "complete" exam.

After the testing we went to Wal-Mart and I heard a girl say, "Oh my gosh, Honey! Did you see how cute that little girl is? She is the cutest girl I've ever seen." She was, of course, talking about my Maggie. That put a smile on my face. I needed that after three hours of frustration.

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