Sunday, October 19, 2008

My favorite DS physical feature...

Are the Brushfield Spots...

Brushfield spots are small white or grayish/brown spots on the periphery of the iris in the human eye due to aggregation of a normal iris element (connective tissue). These spots are normal in children but are also a feature of Down syndrome. They occur in 35-78% of newborn infants with Down syndrome. They are much more likely to occur in Down syndrome children.
Brushfield spots are named after the physician, Thomas Brushfield, who first described them in 1924.

I am not sure if Molly has them or not. Some doctors see them, others do not. Therefore, they are not obvious. I did have a baby with DS in the NICU over the summer that had to most beautiful bright blue eyes with Brushfield spots. It's like he has a "twinkle" in his eyes.

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