Monday, October 6, 2008

Sign Language

Children with Down Syndrome have speech delay, therefore, sign language is an important part of the communication in our house. We have been working hard with Molly on her Sign Language. We have books and a couple of "Baby Signing Time" videos that she just loves. We also sign what we are saying. I.E. "Molly, do you want milk? To Eat?" ect. She signs "eat, more, milk, dada, puppy, night/night, diaper." Her newest one is "cracker". When I ask her if she wants to have snack, she signs "cracker"--it's so stickin' cute! She is also obsessed with her daddy and signs "dada" all day long. I tried to get her to do it on video but you know Molly; she does it when SHE wants to do it. At any rate, I did get her to sign "cracker". .

Sign language has been fun. My older children (including Maggie) sign regularly for Molly and it's a positive thing for them. I don't see it as "work" at all. It all comes naturally

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Michelle said...

SO CUTE! Good work, Molly!