Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Molly's visist with the Opthamologist

Ummm...I am left a little confused as to how Molly's opthamology appointment went yesterday.

They always have her do some flash cards (to see if she can see the stripes; eventually the stripes almost match the background and you can no longer see them), then they have her follow a light around and then dilate the pupils and do another exam. It was an hour and half; not fun with Maggie and Gavin running around.

At the end of all the tests, the doctor says, "You are an interesting child, Molly". My goodness, my heart just sank. What did she mean?

Apparently most children get progressively farsighted up to age 4. Molly has gone the opposite of that and is now slightly nearsighted. She continues to have mild strabismus (turning in of the eye) that, in my opinion, is getting a little worse each day. The last thing the doctor said was, "So, I am comfortable holding off on the glasses for another 6 months. She has the potential to go either way."

So, we will follow up in 6 months or before if the strabismus worsens. So, I guess we wait and see if we need glasses?

I am thankful that we have dodged this bullet so far. I am thankful that we do not have to do surgery. So all is good?!


datri said...

Our ophthalmologist appointments are always so frustrating. I've never been happy with them. One doc wanted to surgery because Kayla has occasional strabismus, another said to wait. Everyone agrees she is farsighted (how can they tell? She is SO noncompliant!) but no one wants to bother with glasses because they don't think she'd be able to keep them on!

Becca said...

Oh, that does sound confusing! I guess it'll just be a case of wait and see...

By the way, did you get my e-mail about how to put hyperlinks in your blog posts? I didn't hear back from you saying it worked, so I figure my message wound up in your Spam box. :-( Let me know!