Friday, November 21, 2008

A random thought...

So, we live in a small town. We bank at the credit union here in town. When you walk in, you are greeted by name. Not just some of the customers, ALL of the customers. We joke that they have picture flash cards of all of their customers and in their downtime, they quiz each other.

Anyway, today I went there to make the van and truck payment. I, of course, am greeted with, "hello, Tracy. How are you? How are Mike and the kids?". So, they know us pretty well then, right?

You see, I paid for Mike's truck payment (which is in his name only) and my van payment (which is in my name only) with one check from MY checking acocunt. It was accompanied by Mike's truck statement and my van statement.

The kicker: They handed me my receipt and put Mike's in a sealed envelope and sent me on my way.

Are they serious?? I can walk in with my husbands statement and pay with my money but I can't view the freakin' recepit?? Does anyone else find this odd or is this just me?

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