Friday, December 5, 2008

I am too sick...

Having Lisa, Molly's therapists, come each week is just a part of our routine. ! She had a baby last spring and she took four months off. Let's just say that she was greatly missed and I just couldn't "connect" with the new therapist. I was totally relived when Lisa came back. It turns out that she gave away most of her clients to this new girl but she chose to keep Molly as her own--yeah!

The kids absolutely adore her! Each week she comes with a bag full of surprises (activities for Molly to do). It's pretty cute watching Molly's face light up when she see's Lisa and her and Maggie pretty much dive for the bag of goodies, "What did Lisa bring for us to play with this week?".

I asked Gavin to pick up the toys because Lisa was coming in the morning. (I didn't really think about it but Gavin goes to morning Kindergarten and Lisa always comes in the morning so he has not seen Lisa since August. And did I mention that he LOVES Lisa?)

He immediately says, "Mom, I am sick! I can't go to school tomorrow. If I do, I will throw up. I have to stay home!"

My kids love, love, love Lisa...

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