Monday, December 29, 2008

Mama told me there'd be days like this!

I must say that today brought just a little bit too much stress for my liking. I do admit that most of it was self inflicted but still.

I decided to send them today for a few hours so I can get some much needed uninterrupted housework done. Miss Molly has been sick so I kept her home with me. After my provider asking me three times if Gav or Mag's were pukey sick and me confirming that no, they were not, I was on my way to clean the castle...

Within an hour, I got the call. Maggie puked. OK, change of plans. Off to daycare I go. Explaining that I really wasn't lying that the kids were not sick. I got the feeling she thought I was full of @#$%. That is so unfair! I wouldn't have brought them if they were sick and I resent the fact that she thought I would lie to her! Ugh!

Molly's been sick. Nothing big, just sick. Clear runny nose that is green in the mornings with a productive cough. But what was bothering me is that she has been sleeping for 5 days! She is up for maybe two to three hours at a time and then needs to sleep again. An occasional fever but nothing big. So I am worried. Mike thinks she is just sleeping because she's sick and reminds me that nurses make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am worried that, yup, she has the "L" word. Petechiae? Nope. Bruising? Nope. Extreme fatigue? Yup. Low Grade fever? Yup. OK, so I am just waiting for the ball to drop. Molly is just too healthy. So I bring her to the doctor. She listens to my story and orders a Chest xray and a CBC. Oh, thank God! A CBC!

Diagnosis: Lower right lobe pneumonia and a bilateral ear infection (This is a first for her BTW!). White count: 8.9, ANC: 5.8; Nope, not leukemia. Only in my world would I think sick lungs and an infected ear would be great news!

So I call Mike to get money for the antibiotic and he says to me, "so cancer is treated through an oral liquid now days, huh?" Smarty pants! Until the next time I think she has Leukemia. Ok, guys, I must stop reading all these DS babies with Leukemia blogs; it's making me paranoid!

Off I go to nurse my little princess back to health...
(Oh, and Maggie? No pukey's, no fever, no nothing!)


Becca said...

Oh, you are so not alone in the leukemia paranoia. I keep thinking there's got to be something lurking just around the corner... But it's just paranoia and we can go on about our lives! It certainly can't hurt to be cautious. Good thing you caught Molly's infection, andI'm glad to hear she's got something nice and treatable!

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh, you are so not the only one on luekemia look out.

Glad it's just ear infections and a little lung involvement.

Good job