Friday, January 9, 2009

The many "what and why's" of blogging

Going into the New Year, I find myself wondering what I would like my blog to be. The answer, I have found, seems to be quite complex. I think about the blogs that I follow and why I enjoy them.

I love hearing about the day to day activities of families with special needs and without but really like to follow the families that are similar to my own. I also love blogs that are "real" so to speak that speak of the highs and lows of day to day life. (I think of Kelly's blog as a fine example of this. Hers is entertaining and real). I tend to shy away from the blogs that tend to speak of only the highs in life. I am bored with, "we had so much fun!" and "I am so blessed and so lucky". Don't get me wrong, I feel lucky and blessed each day too but some blogs tend to OVERDO that section of life and let's face it, no ones life is that perfect. Am I right?

I also like pictures. Lots and lots of pictures! There are a couple blogs, an example being Michelle's blog where pictures are posted almost daily.

I also love the inspirational blogs. People inspire me. Inspire me to be a bigger and better person; to try new things; to be a better mom and wife.

I also find that in the blogging world, there is a lot of support out there. I love the prayer lists that are out there. While I read about families that are dealing with the new diagnosis of DS, diabetes, leukemia, a trying pregnancy, etc. I am astounded by the amount of support and prayers that are out there for these families. That is so awesome!

So with that said, I have find that in the coming year, I have a lot to blog about. The ups and downs of raising FOUR (OMG! Really? I have FOUR kiddos!) kids, one with special needs. I have to get that camera charged up to keep those photos coming. Maybe this is the year to upgrade and get photo shop for the computer. I would also like to be a better, stronger advocate for the DS community and focus my attention of this, to "inspire" families to embrace their child with DS and see the joys of this special gift we have received. I will also like to keep the faith. I will focus some entries on fellow bloggers that need extra thoughts and prayers because God forbid, if it was my turn to need them, I know they would be there for me.


My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I enjoyed reading this post. I would highly recommend Photo Shop Elements. I was a very late converter to digital cameras, so I scan a lot the photos we post. I originally got the program to clean up the white lines on the edges from scanning, but wow it is an amazing and easy program to use and it does so much.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Good post and so true! I personally HATE photoshop... if you're going to invest, check out paintshop pro! MUCH more user friendly. Also, remember is FREE and can do some pretty awesome stuff!