Thursday, January 29, 2009

Molly's Corner

I am so at odds as to what to do with Molly's teacher. She is literally late to her appointment or she doesn't show due to a sick kid. What also gets me is that when she is here, she has drama back at the house. I don't know if I should say something or not. Molly is the one that suffers and she is my number one priority but I also don't want to "stir the pot". I have to decide if it's worth the trouble to call and complain or not.

The occupational therapist and the physical therapist came however. The PT was absolutely dumbfounded as to how well Molly is doing. She is completely independent with walking, turns, pivots, and picks up a ball from a standing position--all with ease. I don't think she has been out since early November (really? that ALWAYS happens) and that is when Molly really took off on her gross motor skills.

Molly completed all of the OT's tasks with ease also. She is impressed with how well she drinks from an open cup and all of her fine motor skills.

They complimented me on how they are always confident that Molly will complete her "homework" because of how hard Mike and I work with her. (pat, pat)

How it stands is that Molly will have OT 6x/year and PT 6X/month. They will alternate months so I will have PT or OT here each month. I guess I am OK with that because they give me things to work with Molly on and it probably takes 2 months to really master whatever skill they want her to master. Speech? Oh, they will put in a speech "consult" and go from there. On a positive note Molly said, "take a bath" clear as day and is always saying, "No, baby, mommy, and ah done" regularly now so she will probably teach herself before too long. Not funny. Not funny in the least bit.


His Mom said...

As a therapist who has worked in people's homes for the last 10 is not acceptable that she is ALWAYS late. Once in awhile? Okay. Always a sick kid? Not okay. Once in a while? Sure, that is okay.

And I am not sure what you mean about the drama back at the house, back at her house? If she is making a bunch of personal calls (that are non emergencies) while she is working with Molly? Not okay. And reallllly not professional. At all. Think about your job. What if you were late to work every single day, or called in sick an extra amount, or sat on the phone? You would be fired. Big time.

I have supervised a ton of therapists in the homes and the only time I truly knew what was going on when I wasn't there was when I got a phone call from the parents when these type of things came up. (Because when I was there, of course, they were always picture perfect!)

So if you have concerns, I would bring them up. I am all for cutting people slack. Everyone has home issues and can be late sometimes. No big deal on occasion. But if it is a regular habit? No way. She needs to be called out on it, because otherwise she thinks she is getting away with it. There is something about working in people's homes that some people will take advantage of...they don't feel like someone is looking over their shoulder or something.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I can imagine this is so frustrating. I wonder if she thinks you don't need as much help so you are one of the families she can slack on. I would kindly mention it to her and say you know I set this time aside for you to be here and it seems you are missing that time slot a lot. If that does not change things then I would call in and let the supervisor know.

datri said...

One OT and one PT every two months? And no speech? Wow, seems so little, although I guess you live in one of those states where the therapists come out to do "parent training" and not work with the kids. When Kayla was in EI, she got OT, PT, Special Instruction once a WEEK and speech twice a week. And we live in the middle of nowhere and they still managed to find therapists to come out and see us!

Oh, I'd fire the teacher. Not worth the aggravation. And seriously, what does the teacher do besides play with your kid for 30 - 45 minutes anyway?

Michelle said...

how frustrating! We are very fortunate, our county has been providing excellent services - however, if I wasn't happy, I would definitely start making phone calls. Like someone else wrote above, if they don't know there's a problem, they can't fix it.