Friday, January 23, 2009

Potty Time & Mistevious Molly

At lease once a day, I like to "introduce" the potty to Miss Thing (Maggie Jean, of course). It has kinda of bit me in the butt because now it's like a game to her. She loves to sit on the toilet (and do nothing!), then wipe her cute little pooper and wash her hands. So yesterday when she asked to go potty on the big girl pot I was thinking to myself, "OK--here we go again. Let the games begin". But to my surprise, she actually went potty, then again, and again....

She has now had only ONE accident in the past 24 hours and her night diaper was practically dry! Wow! So it was worth all the "practice" runs. We will see how long this lasts, however.

Why doesn't she have clothes on, you may ask??

Because her new thing is to wear her swimsuit around! (No one told her it was below ZERO outside today but she doesn't need to know that)


Molly is in the habit of throwing and dumping EVERYTHING!! And I mean everything! It is making Mike and I crazy. If you don't want it dumped, keep it out of Molly's reach.

Last night I was folding clothes in the family room and Mike was on the computer, therefore, Molly was left unattended and look what happened??

Little stinker......


Anonymous said...

don't covt

Anonymous said...

don't cover it mum it is bald and it is beautiful, she has no clothes on because she is waiting for me to come and lick her clean, then bend her over and give her her reward for being a big girl, she will be soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tight mum I won't last long