Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have said this too many times to count in the past few days...
1) Molly's "teacher" couldn't make it yesterday; she had a sick child.

REALLY??!!. That hardly ever happens (only like every other visit! Grrr...)

2) We get a note in the mail from Austin's school saying that he "is failing or in danger of failing" his Advanced Algebra class. Further investigation reveals he is only missing ONE, yes, I said ONE assignment. Last I checked a "C+" is not in danger of failing. Oh, they made a mistake.

REALLY???!!! That hardley ever happens. (Only every stickin' semester!!)

3) ($##@)%()(:. I can't say on this site but trust me on this one.

REALLY??!! You are battin' a 500 here!

4) Day FOUR of feeling like complete garbage. I miss work last night. I literally drag myself out of bed to go to an important work meeting this morning and as soon as I attempt (noticed the word "attempt" here people! I have NO voice!) to say something, the table of co-workers say, "Wow! You sound terrible!"

REALLY??!! I have been hearing this for FOUR days. It's not a big deal that people are saying that because it is obvious but for me, it's frustrating as @#$% as I am a talker, I love to talk and I can't. I can't talk. I can't talk---UGH!!!!

5) And my favorite. Did you hear that it really wasn't the thimerosal in the MMR vaccine that causes austism (because there are now "thimerosal-free" vaccines)? They are now thinking it's something with the DNA?

OK, yes there is an increase in Autsim but to blame a vaccination that saves children's lives REALLY worth it?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and hopefully, I will talk to you all tomorrow--LOL!!


Bethany said...

LOL this is funny! The first one especially cracked me up because we had a therapist like that once!

merwulf said...

Amen to that - especially the vaccine... we have the same thoughts - also I missed you at work the other night... no more trading, I haven't seen you in forever! Hope you feel better soon!