Monday, January 26, 2009

Time out, Sickies, and Therapies...

This past weekend, my dear friend Naomi took the girls and had a sleep over with them. My mom took the boys. Mike and I went out with a couple of his friends from high school. I don't get to see them too often so it was nice to catch up. Boy, do I miss those guys!

We played the game Things. Ok, so everyone needs to run out and buy this game. I don't EVER remembering laughing so hard in my entire life!! It's a great game to play with your older kids, friends, and at family functions.

I am sick--way sick. I lost my voice and for the first time, I am grateful to the signing that I have taught my girls because today, that is their only form of communication. I have a terrible sore throat, I feel like I have pneumonia, and congestion. Ugh! Mommy's don't have time to be sick.

Tomorrow we are meeting with Molly's Therapist along with OT and PT to review her IEP. Notice there is NO Speech Therapist??? I am beyond bitter about this and will probably have to pay out of pocket if I ever want Molly to talk. I don't know what it is but I think the county I live in is "poor" if that makes sense. When we had our very first meeting with group when Molly was 6 weeks old, they told us we can have as many or as little of services as we want. I only get OT 4x/year (have asked for monthly visits). PT is suppose to come 1x/month but I think she is "overbooked" and maybe comes every 6 weeks (I have asked for 2x/month!) And I can't seem to get Speech! What gives here people? So, tomorrow, I will fight for MORE OT and beg for Speech Therapy in the coming year.


Chrystal said...

MN sounds a lot like CA!


Smudges and Blips said...

I miss you too Tracy! I agree about our country. We are very lucky, but sometimes our nation has some messed up priorities! Can you imagine? Some countries provide free daycare for working families and up to a year PAID maternity leave. Not to mention free health care. And if you look at where we land for infant mortality rates, you would be astonished. So even though it is horrifying, I am not surprised your little Molly is being "left behind". So very sad. Hang in there.