Monday, February 16, 2009

Life goes on and on...

I am finding that it is harder and harder to find the time to blog. I now have to compete with my 14 year old and husband for computer time because they have discovered FACEBOOK and have enjoyed talking to friends. Austin is snowboarding and Michael is napping so I get two un-interupted hours on the computer--ya hoo!!

I have been on vacation from work but definitely not from life.

Wednesday and Thursday: After Graces' wake and funeral (she died peacefully in her sleep; her cause of death is unknown), I spent a quick 24 hours with my mom and dad at the farm.
Friday: Then out to dinner and drinks with friends from work--had a blast!
Saturday: Went to "Kinder Olympics" with the kids, then to my nephews hockey game.
Sunday: Out to dinner with some more friends--had a blast again.

Needless to say, I am exhausted!! I usually don't run like this.

I did find that the Kinder Olympics was especially fun for Molly. She had this big open gym to run around in. She loves balls and had fun throwing and catching the ball. We are currently working with kicking with her so the soccer part was a little hard for her. To my amazement, she had great balance in the bouncey; even with Gavin and Maggie jumping around like a couple of monkeys. We use a hoola hoop at home to help her core muscles (she sits on the floor and holds onto one side and I hold onto the other side and she does "sit ups") so when we got to the hoola hoops, my princess grabs a hoop, sits on the ground and hands the other end to the instructor. I had to laugh. I had to explain the whole therapy thing to this person. The whole thing was GREAT for her gross motor skills. Good times. Good times. At the end, they all got Olympic metals and a picture of themselves on the podium.

All in all in was a good, busy, and productive weekend. I hope next weekend is a little less hectic...

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