Thursday, March 12, 2009

Molly's Corner

Molly is really turning from a toddler to a preschooler the past couple of weeks. Her verbal/language expression is growing by leaps and bounds. When someone leaves the house she says, "Bye! See you later!" With her short little stubby hand waving high in the air. She, of course, has her own version of "see you later". She makes sounds (just the right amount of syllables and ends it with "ater"). She also reads books to herself--too cute. She sits on the floor and reads, "blah, blah Ah-oh:" "blah, blah, Daddy" "Blah, blah. Ah-oh mom!" etc. All the while turning each page (we have been working on this--way to go Miss Molly! You've reached yet another goal!) I have this all on video but I haven't figured out or had the time to download it.

One more thing. The ladies go to a home daycare at the present time. Issues have come and gone and have decided to move the ladies to a public daycare. Unfortunately, they don't have openings until July (when they become 33 months old and can be in the "Young Pre" room). I have been debating this for about a year now. Molly could really benefit from a structured setting.

We finally went for our official tour yesterday and brought Maggie and Molly with. When we arrived in the classroom, the kids were getting a story read to them. Maggie (turns to stone in public!) stayed very close to her daddy and Molly took off across the room, stepped up to the story time, sat right in the front row and says, "Hi" and proceeded to listen to the story. This child cracks me up!

It isn't a "large" public daycare. There are only 10-14 enrolled in the young preschool room. They teach them life skills (teeth brushing, potty training, shoe tying, etc.) and has a full preschool curriculum. I asked if they do sign language as this is how Molly communicates most of the time and she said yes, they do a lot of sign--Cool! They were doing a science experiment when I was there. The older preschool kids were making cookies from scratch. They go on walks to the park, bakery (where they get to make a cake!), and the library. All the things they DON'T do in the home daycare. It got me soooo excited; especially for Molly. Now I can hardly wait for July!

Just one quick note on Speech. They gave me one evaluation session three weeks ago. She was impressed with Molly's amount of signs she does (but she doesn't talk!), she was "so impressed" with her ability to perform tasks like feed the baby and pick the right object she asks for (but she doesn't talk!). Molly does NOT, for anyone, follow directions. "Go get the baby, Molly" Nope, not happening. She kept trying to get her to do that. She just doesn't have that skill. Oh, and she doesn't talk! She asks me if she has a least 10 words. Yes, but nothing more. I know all the tests she was performing shows her how well Molly can express herself and her ability to communicate besides verbally but I just want to know what I can do to get her to talk more. I am afraid that by her (the ST) comments that she is "so impressed" with Molly that she won't give her her service of Speech Therapy. They seem to cut corners all over the place. When she arrived I had to sign a sheet of paper that stated that "This is a special request by the parent as speech is not allotted until the child turns 36 months" Whatever, people! Just help my child TALK so she can communicate normally with the rest of her peers. Let's get real; kids talk, not sign!

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His Mom said...

You see something similar in the autism community. People will push a picture exchange system so the kids and express their wants and needs, but we want to focus on language! Cuz, like you said, people talk and understand talk and not signs!
That is great about the new daycare, I hope the girls thrive.