Friday, April 17, 2009

She did it!! {Woot! Woot!}

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it here but we have been working extremely hard with Molly on auditory comprehension and receptive language.

I find myself frustrated/stuck in a rut. I know that Molly understands what we are saying and asking her to do. She just can't (or won't?) follow commands.

"Molly, go get the baby"...............Nope!
"Molly, go get the diaper".............Nope!

A couple days ago, I was at the park (on a beautiful Minnesota spring day!!) conversing with a few of the neighbors, catching up on the past few months since we all hibernate through the long winter months. Molly is learning to kick (and does a pretty great job if you ask me) and was kicking the ball around. Without giving it much thought, I asked Molly to "get the ball and bring it to mommy".

OMG! OMG! She did it! That sweet big girl of mine picked up that ball and brought it to mommy! I was so excited that I had tears in my eyes--what an accomplishment! Woot! Woot!

Like everything else with Molly, once she learns it/"gets it", she takes off full throttle. Last night after her bath I told her to go downstairs so daddy could get her dressed. She walked her cute little pooper down the stairs and went right to Mike. Mike asked her to lay down; which she did. He told her to lift her butt for the diaper and, yup, you guessed it, she did it!!

Ahhh.....once again, I am so proud and excited to have one more thing mastered.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts from a 5 year old

As we were getting ready for my uncle Al's wake today, I took this opportunity to talk to Bug's (The Gav man) about where we were going to be later.

He understood that Al was going to be in a "special bed" and that he is going to go to heaven.
I commended him on a job well done as that was a pretty good description.
He then asks me with a confused look on his face, "Is Al going to wake up, Mama?"
(I thought about this as I just got done reading that 4-7 year old children don't always understand that death is forever)
I said "No, Bugs. Al's soul is in heaven now. Once you die, you can't wake up, buddy"
Gavin responds with, "Why are we going to his Wake Up then?"
Man, I love how this kid thinks---lol!!!

Uncle Al with my baby, Maggie in August before the diagnosis

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Time is free, but it's priceless.
You can't own it, but you can use it.
You can't keep it, but you can spend it.
Once you've lost it, you can never get it back"

I love this quotation. It is so true.
  • I tend to lack the time to blog. I love to blog and see what the rest of the world is up to. I can tell which blogs have a SAHM behind them. I wish I had the time, but I don't. So, I blog when I can. It may be a week in between but I try to preserve my thoughts and memories when I can.
  • I love to spend time with extended family. Mike and I have struggled to maintain the friendships with family that seem "too busy" for us and vise versa. It takes energy. Energy that I openly admit, I just do not have. With that said, I need to remember this and respect the family members that seem to have "forgotten" us or seem to "not have the time" to spend with us.
  • With my uncles passing, I am excited (if I am allowed to feel this way at a time like this) that I will be able to spend quality time with family that live far away. Family that I have missed and haven't seen in a long time.
  • I also am aware that I must make time for my husband. It has been a loooong week (well, month) for us and I am looking forward to continuing our "date night". Before all of this (kids, marriage, college, full time jobs, etc) it was Mike and I. When I work my three day weekend, we go "out" of the house on Monday night and just spend time with each other. Thursday nights we spend time together, uninterrupted together time (at home, once the kids have gone to bed. meaning no bill paying, clothes folding, etc.) It is because he and I fell in love that we now share this crazy busy life.
  • My kids: My world. As I am sure so many of you can agree. It's the most wonderful thing to experience: Parenthood. I don't always think that I do enough for my kids, especially Molly. She needs a lot of me. ALL my kids need me. Austin, my 14 year old, often feels "neglected" for Molly. It is hard to spend enough time and equal time with all four kids. (I often struggle with the famous multiples families: Duggers, Jon and Kate, and the Octoplet's mom. How can they give each child enough??)

This quotation is just a simple reminder of how valuable time is.

Quotes from Gavin

He so funny. He has so much personality for a five year old. I just had to share.

Driving up north yesterday, I was wondering how many more years he was going to be in a car seat/booster. (since the new guidelines is around 70 pounds, I am thinking 4 more years)

Me: "Gavin, how much do you weigh?"
Gavin: "You know, mom? I really don't know. I am thinkin' around 60, though".
(He weighs about 45 pounds--lol)

At bedtime, he was trying his best to charm me into thinking that it would be a good idea if he slept with us. (BTW: This doesn't happen in our house)

Me: "Come on, Bugs. You need to get back into your bed. You have school in the morning"
Gavin: : "I will give you a back massage. I am really good at that"
Me: "Yes, I know, Gav. You ARE great at massages, however, you DO NEED to go back to your own bed."
Gavin: (As I am finally picking him up to put him in his bed as he obviously wasn't going on his own) "I give bear hugs! I give bear hugs! I am the BEST bear hugger EVER!! Really, mom, I am"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

To be thankful...

As I write this, my dear uncle's life is coming to an end. An end that is the begining of all eternity (in my spiritual belief) for him. With that brings great sorrow and pain for one of my greatest supporters and confidants in my life, his daughter, Colleen. With so many things going "wrong" in my blogging community and on the personal front, I feel inclined to rejoice the joys and strengths that I have been given.

I am elated that...

My husband makes my coffee each and every morning/day for me without asking.

Molly is perfectly healthy. When she was born, they told me all the "bad" things that could happen to her and she has been wonderfully healthy.

Stellan has been out of SVT for a while now.

Gavin's teacher told us that he is "ready for first grade" halfway through the school year.

Austin is getting a "B" in his advanced math class this quarter.

Maggie is completely potty trained--no more diapers for her!

Mike and I both have wonderful jobs that we love are not threatened with lay offs.

It's Easter! One of the most important reasons that we are all alive and here today!!! Thank you, Jesus.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To my daughter

My Dearest Molly,

Can you please tell mommy why you insist on scratching your forehead when you subconsciously bang your head while you sleep? The doctors tell me that you will eventually stop headbanging but seriously, my love. You need to keep the socks on your hands so you don't scratch yourself. I now realize that it is impossible to get your nails short enough to prevent this from occurring night after night after night....

People are going to start talking (if they haven't already). They are not going to believe me for that much longer, my love. So, please, protect your forehead and just keep the mits on your hands. Besides, mommy is running low on antibiotic ointment.



It's a weight thing

After the ladies were born, believe it or not I did lose ALL of my baby weight. This was impressive as I drank high protein drinks everyday and consumed more fat that I normally would. In the end, at 37 weeks, I had gained a plump 54 pounds!!

I was back to my prepregnancy weight within 9 months. I wasn't any where near as TONE as would have liked, but through nursing TWO babies for 12 months AND the added stress of twins (and other things that we won't talk about), I was able to take it all off, essentially, without trying.

This has been my norm. I usually lose all of my baby weight + or - 5 pounds.

Not. Any. More.!!!!!!

Somehow, 15 pounds have found it's way back to my wasteline and butt over the past 12 months.

It's devastating! I have never had trouble with my weight before. I weigh now what I weighed the day I came home from the hospital. Devastating.

It has really affected every aspect of my life.
I am now dreading spring and having to buy BIG capris and shorts.
I dread "going out" as I have nothing that looks good. I avoid "outings". I feel like I look like a fat cow in everything I wear.
We have to buy new scrubs for work by October 1st. I can't even stand the thought of buying "bigger" scrubs that would be comfortable now.

My problem is my stomach. After the girls, it's stretched out with extra skin hanging. (sorry if this is TMI). BUT, my waste is also THREE inches bigger than it was. My hips are 2 1/2 inches bigger. I have this unpleasant, unattractive "pouch" that prevents me from wearing anything that is remotely form fitting as it emphasizes that fact that I "look" 6 months pregnant. Ugh!

So, starting today. Hard. Work. No more pity. No more feeling sorry for myself. No more excuses.

The Zone, Barry's Bootcamp, and Turbo Jam will become a regular part of my day.

Wish me luck on one of the hardest things that I will ever do....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Stellans Journey Continues...

I am sure that the majority of the blogging world knows, Baby Stellan is FINALLY out of SVT for a significant amount of time!!!!! The millions of prayers are working in this precious boys favor!

(If, for whatever reason, you actually haven't read about Stellan's journey in utero and now, I strongly recommend you go to this blog and read it for yourself; it's amazing)

I have been following this families journey since Stellan's mom was pregnant with him. He is truly one little miracle baby. How he managed to stay out of SVT as long as he did is a miracle in itself. Now, FINALLY, he can start feeling better and hopefully, go back home with his family.

I was surprised to see the local news channel air a story on Stellan. I guess I didn't even think of where he lived but am even more at peace with his care (not that I, for a second, doubted it) as there are WONDERFUL doctors at Children's hospital.

Continue (or start) to pray that Stellan continues to make progress.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wow! I have really been slacking in the blogging department. One of this biggest reason's is that my camera broke. Yup, deader than a door nail. That REALLY bums me out. Another is that work is kicking my @#. It's slowing down now so I have more energy to devote to blogging.

Facebook: What an awsome idea! I have really gotten my hands wet with it. I have gotten in touch with soooo many people from high school, nursing school, and a lot of friends from work.

I met up with some friends from nursing school last week for lunch. It was like old times. It was like we were back in study group at Barnes and Noble. We hadn't missed a beat. Well, FIVE babies (between all four of us), 3 marriages, and one divorce later. It was a great time. Next time we plan on "finding" more people to join us. All thanks to Facebook. Cool, huh??

We took the kids to a hotel that had a GIANT waterpark last weekend. We went with some dear friends of ours, whom happen to have kids the same age. Well, not Austin but he met up with a neighborhood friend that just happen to be there (this waterpark was an hour away). Small world. Maggie still won't go in the water, except the hot tub. Molly was the center of attention. "Oh, she's so cute!" "Look at that cute little girl". I was proud. I hope to plan a summer vacation the Wisconsin Dells so hopefully Maggie will be more "trusting" of the water by then. Looks like swimming lessons are in order??!!

Since my camera is broken, I will close with some of my "favorite" pictures.