Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quotes from Gavin

He so funny. He has so much personality for a five year old. I just had to share.

Driving up north yesterday, I was wondering how many more years he was going to be in a car seat/booster. (since the new guidelines is around 70 pounds, I am thinking 4 more years)

Me: "Gavin, how much do you weigh?"
Gavin: "You know, mom? I really don't know. I am thinkin' around 60, though".
(He weighs about 45 pounds--lol)

At bedtime, he was trying his best to charm me into thinking that it would be a good idea if he slept with us. (BTW: This doesn't happen in our house)

Me: "Come on, Bugs. You need to get back into your bed. You have school in the morning"
Gavin: : "I will give you a back massage. I am really good at that"
Me: "Yes, I know, Gav. You ARE great at massages, however, you DO NEED to go back to your own bed."
Gavin: (As I am finally picking him up to put him in his bed as he obviously wasn't going on his own) "I give bear hugs! I give bear hugs! I am the BEST bear hugger EVER!! Really, mom, I am"


Michelle said...

He would get along so well with my Braden!

Smudges and Blips said...

I commend you! How do you not give in to a cute little boy like that?!