Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wow! I have really been slacking in the blogging department. One of this biggest reason's is that my camera broke. Yup, deader than a door nail. That REALLY bums me out. Another is that work is kicking my @#. It's slowing down now so I have more energy to devote to blogging.

Facebook: What an awsome idea! I have really gotten my hands wet with it. I have gotten in touch with soooo many people from high school, nursing school, and a lot of friends from work.

I met up with some friends from nursing school last week for lunch. It was like old times. It was like we were back in study group at Barnes and Noble. We hadn't missed a beat. Well, FIVE babies (between all four of us), 3 marriages, and one divorce later. It was a great time. Next time we plan on "finding" more people to join us. All thanks to Facebook. Cool, huh??

We took the kids to a hotel that had a GIANT waterpark last weekend. We went with some dear friends of ours, whom happen to have kids the same age. Well, not Austin but he met up with a neighborhood friend that just happen to be there (this waterpark was an hour away). Small world. Maggie still won't go in the water, except the hot tub. Molly was the center of attention. "Oh, she's so cute!" "Look at that cute little girl". I was proud. I hope to plan a summer vacation the Wisconsin Dells so hopefully Maggie will be more "trusting" of the water by then. Looks like swimming lessons are in order??!!

Since my camera is broken, I will close with some of my "favorite" pictures.

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His Mom said...

Claudia has (had) that same blue white striped Carter's outfit with the whale. I loved that thing. I jammed her in it long after she fit!!!

I love that Molly was the center of attention. Not hard for her to do, I am sure!