Friday, April 3, 2009

Stellans Journey Continues...

I am sure that the majority of the blogging world knows, Baby Stellan is FINALLY out of SVT for a significant amount of time!!!!! The millions of prayers are working in this precious boys favor!

(If, for whatever reason, you actually haven't read about Stellan's journey in utero and now, I strongly recommend you go to this blog and read it for yourself; it's amazing)

I have been following this families journey since Stellan's mom was pregnant with him. He is truly one little miracle baby. How he managed to stay out of SVT as long as he did is a miracle in itself. Now, FINALLY, he can start feeling better and hopefully, go back home with his family.

I was surprised to see the local news channel air a story on Stellan. I guess I didn't even think of where he lived but am even more at peace with his care (not that I, for a second, doubted it) as there are WONDERFUL doctors at Children's hospital.

Continue (or start) to pray that Stellan continues to make progress.

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