Monday, May 11, 2009

Molly's Corner

Molly is developing by leaps and bounds! I have been meaning to update for a couple of weeks now and everyday, it's something new with her.

From a physical standpoint she is "almost" running. She can kick a ball; not with ease but can do it. She can walk really well now on grass and uneven surfaces. I started putting her in her AFO's more now and that really seems to help her with her stability. I wasn't a true believer in her AFO's when she was learning to walk but now I think they are exactly what the doctor ordered. Her orthopedist had said that once she started walking, she will need to be in AFO's until she is at least 5; I think he is right.

Her verbal expression is nothing short of amazing. I remember writing about how frustrated I was with her verbal skills and now it's a whole "notha" story.

She says new words everyday. They are becoming clearer and clearer. I wish I would write them down as she says them so I can see the transformation but I don't.

The one habit that she has that I wish I could break her of is when she is hungry or wants more she yells, "Numm! Numm!" While she is doing this she is signing "more" and "eat" but I can't get her to say it. That is for another post, I guess.

Two word sentences are a daily occurance now. Yesterday Maggie had her flavored water in front of Molly and Molly said clear as day, "My juice!" Our annoying dog, Buddy is constantly licking her face and Molly is constantly saying, "No, Bah-dee!" Her favorite is, "Go ta seep". Molly loves her naps and bedtime.

Her strabismus is getting more and more pronounced so I am fairly confident that she will be sporting glasses soon. Of course, the ONE pediatric opthamologist cancelled her (6 month follow up) appointment once again so she isn't able to get in with her until June 1st. This MD cancels every single stickin' appointment that I have with her. When I expressed my frustrations with the receptionist, she stated, "Oh, really? I didn't know this was a problem". Whatever people!

We are due to see the ENT next week for a follow up on her ears. So far so good. Not a problem. Because of Molly's small sinus cavities, she seems to be getting more and more sinus infections. I not opposed to antibiotics but I feel she has taken enough now and we need to figure something else out. Every time her antibiotics wear off, the green/yellow nasal discharge is back rearing it's ugly head!

As you can see, Molly is 2 1/2 so it is time for all the specialty follow-ups. I have been quite happy with how healthy Molly has been {{KNOCK ON WOOD}}!!!!! Now that the warm weather has arrived, I hope and plan on keeping it that way.

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