Thursday, May 21, 2009


I (Mike got called into work so he couldn't make it) met with the preschool special education teacher yesterday along with Molly's Birth to Three team for what I thought was to discuss the possibility of transitioning her to preschool in the fall.

Going into this meeting, I was really apprehensive about sending my 25# toddler, whom wears 12-18 months pants because she is so petite to preschool. Little did I know that the "rules" have changed. When Molly was an infant, they informed me that she would be eligible for home therapies until she was almost four because her birthday is September 25th and she won't be THREE before September 1st, which is the cut off for preschool. Nope, not anymore. Once the special needs child turns three, they MUST transition to preschool. Bummer. Real Bummer.

However, after pondering it for the day, I realize that she will get the full time for therapies, instead of having Lisa come to house late, cutting 15-20 minutes off of her 1x/week therapy session. She is entitled to speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy 2x/week for 20 minutes each day. That sure beats what she gets now. I just need to get use to my baby girl getting on a bus (which I doubt I will be able to come to terms with. I am sure I will be driving her) and "going to school!" WHY DO THEY HAVE TO GROW UP SOOOOO FAST??!!

Molly was so excited to color with her new teacher-so cute!

"Whoa! I get to sit on a big girl chair?!"

My pretty girl

"Oh, no! Where's Molly?"...Found her! She took off down the road taking her imaginary baby for a walk--LOL!! Little Stinker!

90 Degrees and a long day for Miss Molly, she was TIRED!

My little big boy

The Queen, looking beautiful, as always...

Maggie with her million dollar smile!


Tommy's mommy said...

I share your same concerns. We end our 0-3 services on 12/12 this year and am so scared for Tommy to transition. I'll follow your updates. Your family is SO beautiful!

Michelle said...

oh she's such a big girl!! And cute as ever - you have such a beautiful family :)