Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm here!!! And a little Austin talk.

I haven't jumped off the face of the earth--yet! It's been a trying past couple of weeks, to say the least. It's been overwhelming and exhausting but wanted to let the world know I am still here.

Austin's summer soccer leugue started a month or so ago. No pictures....yet! I just found out last week that one of the Neonatologist that I work with has a son on Austin' team. Crazy. He has a great team this year, which is a great relief. In years past, his team has been somewhat SHADY.

Austin had his high school physical recently and weighed in at 123 pounds and was 5' 4"!!! Seriously??! Just look at this kid! (He usually won't let me come near him with the camera so he was acting "smart" in this picture but hey! I have to take what I can get!)

He is definately a teenager. Not home much. Mommy misses him but I have to let him "spread his wings".

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