Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Kindergarten Graduate!

Yup! Bugs graduated from kindergarten!!

There are 6 sections of kindergarten in my district, all of which are FULL days with the exception of one section that is HALF days. We opted for the later with Gav. I wasn't sure how well he would do going ALL DAY LONG and he is a "young" kindergartner and I worried.

He did amazingly well! He can read simple words/books and can do simple math! His penmanship is truly awesome! I can honestly say he has the neatest writing in his class. He enjoyed going to school and riding the bus. We are proud and thankful that the year went so well.

They don't do a graduation ceremony for the kindergartners at Gavin's school (total bummer! I was looking forward to that!) but they did tie dye shirts and all the kids signed their name with permanent marker and wore it the last day of school.

Gavin on the last day of kindergarten!

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