Friday, June 5, 2009

Molly's Corner

It's a beautiful Friday morning and I am sitting here sipping my morning java while my kiddo's are content and playing wonderfully together on the patio. Rare moment. Quick! Blog! Here I go before the storm hits!

Molly's surgery went well. No snot since! Nodda! She looks wonderful. Now she snores?! I don't quite get that but OK.

Onto the opthamologists. They did the usual visual tests. Dilated her eyes. Checked 'em again. Dr. C says, "she has perfect vision. The back of the eye looks healthy. I see no need for glasses." Yippee!! That is great news!

...but she will need surgery!

That's not what I was expecting at all. Not great news. *sigh*

To correct her strabismus and amblyopia (aka "lazy eye"). Mmmmm. I should be use to this by now. The Dr believes that it is muscle weakness but why would she not develop this until after her second birthday? Wouldn't she of had this from birth? That's why she has the dual diagnosis since we are not sure exactly what her eye is doing.

Plan: Eye patch on left eye one hour a day (during her therapy hour) to strengthen that lazy right eye and to "train" her brain to use that eye. Then we will follow up with Dr. C to discuss the surgery.

The kicker: The surgery has a 15% of over correcting, a 15% chance of under correcting and there is a 30-50% (in the upwards range because she has DS) of it occurring again and will have to have the surgery repeated. So, do I really do the surgery? I don't like my odds.

The storm has arrived. Gotta go...


Grandma Pam said...

She will look like her Daddy - Mike wore a 'patch' for nearly a year! He looked adorable. Last night Mag-pie had a wood tick on her back. When her Daddy took it off and showed it to her, she insisted it was a ladybug.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear Molly's doing well - goodluck with the patching. Ruby used to try to eat her patches. We would give her 3 a day... then quit. She was supposed to wear it for 3-4 hours.

AND we got the whole shpeil, too, about how she might need surgery again in the future. Her recovery was AWESOME, though - she was back to herself that same day. It was easy, as far as surgeries go (and she had both eyes done at the same time, for crossing).

That storm is heading our way! Supposedly... I've been watching the weather; Braden & I are supposed to go to a baseball game tonight.

His Mom said...

We are currently patching Claudia too. She developed a lazy right eye around 16 months. I noticed right away and rushed her in it was bizarre to me that is suddenly showed up. The doctor said the older kids get the more they are focusing on things, playing with them, the crossing developes??...she does have some slight crossing as well. I don't think it is getting much better but the doctor said last week both of her eyes are still working and he saw improvement... Claudia really does well leaving her patch on so that has been helpful. He has mentioned glasses to us but not surgery. Our niece did need some surgery for an eye issue so I could see it being in our future.

datri said...

Kayla has intermittent strabismus. One ophthalmologist wanted to do surgery right away. Right now we're trying glasses to see if it will correct. Kayla has a head tilt, but other than that, it doesn't seem to bad and doesn't seem worth surgery to me. And how many follow-up surgeries will be required? That's what worries me.