Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pure joy!!

Austin, my 14 year old (the one I can't seem to photograph!) is a sensitive and caring boy.

Gavin, my 6 year old, is an energetic (too much at times) and funny guy and mimics many actions and behaviors of his daddy.

Maggie, one of my two two year olds, is a spitting image of her mama. Talky, talky. Busy, busy.

Then there's Molly. My other two year old. She is a carefree spirit and I swear she is an angel sent by God.

While all of my kids have such great, yet unique qualities, there is something about Molly. Other parents of DS kids KNOW what I am talking about. It's not a deeper love or admiration, it's just "something".

Over this past holiday weekend, we spent some time with people who hadn't seen Molly in two years. I was so proud of all the comments I received. Many were amazed at how well she was walking, pivoting, climbing. More so was the amazement of how well she communicated through sign language. It proved to me that my hard work is truly paying off. I see Molly everyday so I don't make the connection.

When I first found out about Molly, I had all the fears that every other mom feels when they get the "surprise". But the biggest one that I remember and still do is:

Will she be accepted amongst her peers and society?

Let's just say, I needed this weekend. The answer is "YES, YES,YES!!" My goodness, everyone, kids and adults just flocked to Molly. All the kids wanted to sit and play with Molly. The adults wanted to get to know Molly and interact with her. And all the while, I saw nothing but big smiles on everyone's faces as they interacted with my sweet, sweet, Molly.

You see, they see what I see....

Pure joy!!!!!

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