Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I love my neighborhood

Last Thursday night, after a three day stretch at work, my next door neighbor (aka "BFF") and I sat down for an after dinner "refreshment".

It was a beautiful and perfect night to sit outside and indulge in good adult conversation while the kids played amongst themselves.

We live next to the park and as the neighborhood families would walk by, they'd say "hello", then join us with their kids. Before we knew it, there were 3 other families hanging out with us. Lots of kids and lots of fun.

One of the neighbors brought over a bottle rocket! Do you remember those when you were a kid? The kids were flabbergasted by this. He let it off several times, and the kids would watch it go up...

Up, up, up and away...

Then the kids would chase to go find it wherever it landed...

Maggie and Molly played on the rock wall. And yes, Molly does try to tackle it once in a while.

Molly played with her friends on a developmental toy.

Uncle Jeff Lovin' on Molly

OK, we're missin' one--Where'd Gavin go??

Ah ha! Found him! Playin' in Sarah's pools with some more neighbors while the parents watched on with their after dinner "refreshments".

It was an unexpected great time with great neighbors. This is why I love living in the neighborhood that I do.


datri said...

It's wonderful that you live in such a nice neighborhood. So important and so hard to find these days. Everyone just seems to be living in their own world. Glad you are able to connect with your neighbors.

MaggieMae said...

Hey, I've been here before. What's not to love about a neighborhood like that. It's beautiful and filled with great and friendly people. Sounds like heaven.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. Besides sharing our experiences, we've all got to do our part to get the word out. Every link helps. Happy to reciprocate too! Thanks.