Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Changes

You know, I feel like I have been working myself to death! I have so much to post and no time to do it. I don't really have the time, nor do I desire the time to post while I am home with the family so here I am so late at night, FINALLY posting about some exciting things.

First off, I must send kuddo's to my Miss Molly.

In the past, Molly's Birth to Three therapists will bring something over and leave it here so Molly can work on that specific task. However, she has not done that in quite a while. (Ummm, maybe because I, no, my kids lose the item that she has "borrowed" to us).
With that said, Molly did a NINE piece puzzle a while back with....drum roll please... PERFECTION!!! Yup, without even "practicing", Molly was able to identify and say each puzzle piece and place in the puzzle ALL BY HERSELF!! She was also able to do string beads independently--whoo hoo! You go girl!!!

Molly picking between the COW and the PIG

Molly being the big girl and putting it in ALL BY HERSELF!!!

Yah!!!! I did it!!!!!!!

Our therapist does not focus on nor does she tell me what "age" a child does each task and for that, I am grateful. Because, really, it doesn't matter and that's what she tells me. What I am saying is Molly does things at her own pace and love it when she masters each and every thing.

Molly is becoming quite vocal as well. She is amazing at signing and is now saying the word that corresponds with the sign. She can say important people's names; "Aww-dee" for Austin, and "Maag-ee" for Maggie and "Bobbie" for Bobbie (her daycare provider).

Molly will be going to preschool in the fall. As I have stated before, I have been really apprehensive about this but my therapist has worked really hard on making this a smooth transition for me and for Molly. I have met with the occupational and physical therapist that will be with Molly each day at preschool at our home and Lisa (our birth to three therapist) will be going with Molly to school for the first week of school to help her.

I must admit, I feel really good about this. Molly is a good girl. She is a sober and mellow little girl and really isn't that temper mental as some. Lisa even stated that. She feels that Molly will do well as she "goes with the flow" and does what she is asked. (for the most part! I mean really, she is almost three. What I mean is she really isn't THAT stubborn, especially have ME as her mommy)
So the bus company has been notified and the FIVE POINT HARNESS has been ordered (as if Mike and I are both working, she WILL have to take the bus to school from daycare--bummer! But I have had to release this fear!)

And last but not least, I had to laugh at this. The school sent us a "what you need for preschool" letter and this is what it required:
Backpack (check!), Kleenex (check!), Paint shirt (check!)

....and diapers and wipes!!!
Ha! Ha! Who would have thought, three years ago that I would be sending a child to preschool NOT potty trained and it was OK?? Having Down Syndrome DOES have it's privileges!!


ABandCsMom said...

Way to go Molly. You look thrilled doing that puzzle.

Thanks for reminding me about the paint shirt. We have all of Carly's supplies, but I forgot the paint shirt. Oops!

Jeana said...

Good job Molly! I love that your therapist doesn't say what age kids should be doing things. I am completely oblivious to when children "should" start doing things like crawling, walking, talking, potty training. I realize now that its a blessing because I have the attitude that Kaelyn will show us when she will reach all those milestones, and we will be right there routing her on the whole way.

Molly is so stinking cute! I can't believe she is heading to pre-school, that is a definite perk.

His Mom said...

I like how they don't focus on the "ages". I always tell parents of the kiddos I work with, " I compare your child to your child 3/6/9/12/ months ago." That is what matters. How far they come comapred to themselves. That is the most important because milestones are different for different kids.

I love her cute backpack!

CJ said...

Tracy, do you participate in the Step Up For Down Syndrom Walk in St. Paul at Como Park?

When Miss Em saw Austin's picture she said he looked just like Uncle Johnny... I agree.

Good luck to Molly with her first day of preschool:)