Friday, August 7, 2009

A Special Day for a VERY Special Someone

I must confess that I am a Reeces Rainbow junkie. I am also a HUGE Advocate for the Down Syndrome Community. I would like to see all DS people, of all ages, accepted and live a normal life. It breaks my heart that there are so many DS orphans in Eastern Europe and Russia. I can hardly stand to think about what their precious lives will be like once they are institutionalized at age five. With that said...

Back in April-ish, I saw a little girl on Reeces Rainbow named LERA that, for whatever reason, captured/stole my heart. I had an INSTANT connection to her. I had her cute face saved on my favorites list and would stare at her every single day, over and over again, falling more in love with this sweet little girl.

I finally contacted Reeces Rainbow to inquire about her. I prayed for her. I started a blog about her. I checked into adoption financing. Started coming up with fun fundraising ideas. Talked to Mike in detail about my adoption dreams.

While many people in our lives do not understand the WHY'S of this and found minimal support in this, I just knew it was something I wanted to do.

For many reasons, now is not the time for our family to adopt. Expenses, fears, time, and life's circumstances all come to play.

It doesn't change how I feel about Lera. I keep praying that one day I will see "MY FOREVER FAMILY FOUND ME" over her picture. I keep praying that someone will bring her home. Even it's not me, I want someone, so badly to adopt her. It can take up to a year to adopt from Russia and she is getting way too close to going to the institution.

Today is Lera's fourth birthday. She is weighing sooooo heavily on my heart today.

Happy Birthday, LERA!!!!!
I will keep praying for you to find your forever family...


My name is Sarah said...

Oh so cute.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

ohhhhhhhhhh I got chills. I too have been praying SO hard for her!!! I LOVE her so much. When I read your post I thought you were going to say she found her family! I do hope she had a good birthday and that her caregivers gave her a little extra hug or love. *sigh* I wish I could bring her home!!!!

Tommy's mommy said...

I LOVE your term RR junkie. I get such a heavy heart looking at so many pictures of kids needing a family. If only folks knew how easy it is to care for someone with Ds and how they are more similar than different to us.