Friday, September 18, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Molly's first day of preschool did NOT go as I had planned. Not even a little bit. It was a total disappoint and induced anxiety. Anxiety that no one needs. Sigh.

Here is how her day went:
  • Got on the bus with no FIVE POINT HARNESS!!! Just a lap belt for my 2 1/2 foot tall, 25# preschooler!
  • Got to school and her Birth to Three teacher that told me that she was going to be there ALL DAY (you know, she cleared her calendar so she could be there all day) was only there for 1/2 hour.
  • Discovered there are 9 children in her class, with only TWO paras. Nope, there is not one dedicated to just Molly.
  • She doesn't have an IEP (Which I did realize) which means no OT, PT, ST until one is written up and signed off on.

After all of this, I was ready to pull Molly from preschool until all of this was straighten out. I felt so bad for my baby going into a classroom with chaos everywhere. I didn't see the point in sending her if she wasn't going to get any services and have to share the para with the other students.

After talking to the bus company, I got my 5 point harness for her.

After talking to her Birth to Three teacher (whom was there ALL DAY Thursday!), Molly's IEP will be written up by next Tuesday AM with a one on one para!! I told her that I refused to sign the IEP if there was not a para designated for just Molly. She needs that sooooo much and I wasn't willing to give that up.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I just happened to run into a group of para's from another school district (BTW: I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason) and they informed me that it was our legal right to have a one on one para but parents of special needs children do not realize this. I was like, "Oh, with a DS diagnosis, she will have a one on one para". Nope! There were THREE DS children starting in their school with one para.

Really? Molly is mentally and physically disabled. She needs help pulling her pants up, going up the steps, coloring, cutting, she needs constant reminders, etc. Maybe in a few years when she can be more self sufficient I will allow her to "share" a para but for now, she needs someone to help her every. step. of .the.way.

Oh, what a day that was. One that I hope I never have to repeat. Something tells me though, I will have days like this.

On a side note, Maggie Jean had a hard time leaving her sister. She had a hard time understanding why Molly was going to preschool and she wasn't. Our conversation went something like this:

{{through many, many tears}} "But, I am three, too. I am a big girl, right mom? I have my backpack just like Molly. But I need to help Molly. But why can't I go with?"

My poor sweet girl just couldn't understand and it broke my heart to see her so sad.

Next year, Maggie. I am so sorry you can't go this year. Love her.


Michelle said...

It all sounds so frustrating, but I'm glad you're working on it to straighten things out!

Poor Maggie! How hard it must be for her, and how sweet that she wants to go & help Molly.

ABandCsMom said...

Unfortunately, school is frustrating for us parents of kiddos with Ds. It really should not be so frustrating. Sadly, it is. Praying you get a good team of educators behind you. That always helps. Remember to go in to the IEP and let them know straight off what you want for Molly. If they try to sway you in any way...stand firm.

We have a mtg with Carly's team on Tues. I'm sort of dreading it. They think because of their degrees in education, that they know whats best for my child. I'll blog about that next week.

I often read other peoples blogs and find that they have wonderful teams of educators for their kids with Ds. I sure wish just once..our team would prove to be wonderful.

Good luck with your mtg. Good luck with preschool. I'm hopeful this will all be worked out.

Jennie said...

Okay, I'm bawling over the conversation with Maggie. What a sweet sister she is. I can't wait to meet all of you! How was the Buddy Walk?

Sheila said...

I wasn't sure how to reply to you. I am sorry we missed the Buddywalk today. I am still recovering from pneumonia and Caeli is all sniffly so we had to stay home. I would have loved to meet your crew. Perhaps we can meet some other time.

Cammie Heflin said...

If you want to get rid of the "E" I'm all in! :)