Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vitamins. {{It's a BLOG A MERCIAL}}

I am not sure what has inclined me to blog about this but I am just so excited about my "discovery" and wanted to share in case there are others that have been under a rock like me.

There is a "special" vitamin therapy that is especially designed for individuals with down syndrome. It's highly controversial. For me, (being a nurse that lives for "evidence based" findings), I couldn't convince myself that there is enough scientific research to back it up. And frankly, the expense was a huge driving factor.

So, after discussing it with the Down Syndrome Doctor at children's hospital, we have opted to give Molly the old, run of the mill multi vit. I have been satisfied and comfortable with this. Until....

Then talk of fish oil/omega three came to surface in several conversations with co worker and my on line groups. So, my research has lead me to believe it would be a safe and effective therapy for Molly (and well, the rest of Velander children for that matter).

The Problem:
1) The dose in the capsules at health food stores seems extremely high for Molly(as the dose is based on adult not weight and Molly only weighs 25#)

2) The smell of fish oil is horrid! I did find a liquid form that taste like citus. Again, way too expensive for my budget!

While shopping for a refill of the Multivitamins at Target, I found this:

Is it has effective as the expensive one? I don't know.

What I do know is that it works for me as far as dosing and efficacy and so excited that I found something that will satisfy me for the moment.


Monica Crumley said...

Great tip. I don't think I've noticed these. We'll have to see how the kids like them. PS: I love your DS Advocacy picture on the side of your blog. I'd love to put that on my blog, too, if it's OK.

Felicia said...

Good to know. I recently made another discovery with these vitamins... they do not contain artificial colors!

StarGate Nutrition said...

Emm well first of all we are not fish so I would advise you to use flax seed oil instead. In addition I would suggest you promote to your group StarGate Nutrition which are real nutrients and not chemicals. Most people are taking chemicals and it upsets me that kids seem to be getting them now. For years there has never been a push on kiddie supplements. Have you ever wondered why?

StarGate Nutrition said...

...and a copy of Expecting Adam