Thursday, October 22, 2009

90% Aborted

Whoa! I almost forgot to post today. Sick. As. A. Dog!!!! Yup, the residual of the swine flu is sitting and has embedded itself in my lungs. Cough, cough! Hack Hack! (Don't worry. Nothing a little Z-pack and Robitussin with Codeine can't cure!)

One of the facts related to Down Syndrome that has hit me the hardest (and was totally SHOCKED, actually!!) was this: "90% of babies diagnosed prenatally with having Down Syndrome are aborted"

Really? Seriously? Where do they get these numbers from anyway?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to brag. I had the pleasure one day of asking our local genetic's counselor if she truly believed the number to be this high. Her response? "Not even close. Unless the babies "other" issues were so severe that the mortality rate would have been high, they have carried the babies to term" She went on to say in the 10+ years (I really can't remember how many years she has been practicing) she has only seen a handful of abortions due to the diagnosis of Down Syndrome alone.

While I am excited about this number, I will not EVER stop educating my community on Down Sydrome.

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