Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Milestone for Molly!

I just about fell on the floor when I asked who wanted juice for breakfast and got this:

Molly is really growing up. I see a HUGE difference now that she goes to preschool. She wants to sit with her siblings at meal times now (as you can see, she is just a little too short for the table but her convertible highchair doesn't fit UNDER the table like I had hoped). She wants to do everything they do. I caught her independently sitting at the art table with markers and paper making a picture. She doesn't miss a beat.

She was my "baby" for so long. Now, she really is a BIG girl; all grown up.

When we first had Molly and was talking to the genetics's counselor, she reminded us that Molly will do everything that everyone else does, just at her own pace. I am here to tell you that there is a 100% truth to that. Trying not to sound like a broken record but sounding like a broken record, people with Down Syndrome are More Alike Than Different!


Michelle said...

That's so wonderful! I love getting to hear her little voice!

Bethany said...


Jeana said...

I love all your posts! Thanks for sharing, your girls are just adorable!

Becca said...

Oh my goodness, she's so adorable!!! I love it! I'm so glad school's going well for her. I have seen huge growth in Samantha since she's been going, too. And to think how much we worried and panicked before that first day!! LOL