Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hands and feet--too cute!

Molly was an "easy" diagnosis at birth. How they determine if a baby has Down Syndrome is first based on the physical features. Molly has many of them.

"Some of the physical features seen in people with Down syndrome include differences in their hands and feet. Instead of two creases across their palms, people with Down syndrome frequently have a single crease, short stubby fingers and a fifth finger that curves inward (clinodactyly). They can have small feet with a larger than normal space between the big and second toes. "

All of which Molly has. Molly's feet are extremely small. She is only in a size FOUR shoe. (In comparison, her twin is wearing a size NINE!!) I literally cannot find winter boots for her that fit.

But I just love the stubby little fingers and toes and the huge gap between her big and second toes. It defines Molly. It is her own special features that none of her siblings have.


Shipley Family said...

Love her little hands! I have a pair of size 4 white Baby Gap boots I would have just given you, but now they're on sale on E-Bay! :(

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I love all those subtle (and not so subtle) traits that our kids have. ~Courtney

Felicia said...

Awe! These pictures of her little feet and little hands are so cute! I never knew about these things.