Friday, October 16, 2009

Life interuppted...

Yup, I fell of the wagon. I was suppose to blog about DS everyday. This is my time to shine! To show the world was a great thing we've got. While this is my "family" blog, it is also a "Down Syndrome Awareness" blog.

My camera broke--again!!!!!!!!! I have 101 pics of Molly (all of her typical "DS" features) that I would love to post but don't have a freakin' camera! Need to get that fixed. So, my blog has been interrupted due to the camera being down. I have tons of pictures but can only be accessed via Mike's I-pod, I guess so whatever.

Anyway, the sickies have hit our house hard!!

While I don't want get into a big debate about the Swine Flu/H1N1, I must say that I was really hoping more precautions would have been taken. People are walking around everywhere with this and it's hit my house--BIG TIME!!! Maggie and Gavin got it. Well, it's considered a "probable" case since they are no longer testing for it. A lot of school has been missed. A lot of work has been missed. This is huge as the company that I work for allows the employee to be out with the Swine Flu, it doesn't compensate for family members with it so my husband has now missed four shifts of work, decreasing his raise. It has REALLY interrupted our lives and our community. The amount of absentee's within our school district is about 30-40%. That sucks! This means a lot of extra work for the teachers, parents, and students.

But you know, "it's just the flu". Enough said.

One of the best and most obvious characteristic of a child with Down Syndrome is the tongue! I love the tongue! Molly's tongue has not affected her ability to talk or eat, like some. She sticks it out when she is concentrating or when she is really excited!! I love it! You tell her, "put your tongue away Molly" and she uses her pointer finger to put it away--what a good listener--lol!

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