Monday, October 19, 2009

The Twin's Three Year Stats!

"Compared with normal standards for children without Down syndrome, growth rates of children with Down syndrome are reduced by 20% between ages 3 and 36 months, by 5 to 10% in childhood, and by 27% (girls) and 50% (boys) during adolescence."

Maggie and Molly just had their Three year physical. I was impressed with both of the girls as far as growth goes.


Weight: 33 pounds

Height: 38 1/2 inches

This puts her at the 70% on the typical growth chart.


Weight: 28.5 pounds (Whoo! Hoo! She was stuck at 25# for the longest time!)

Height: 33 inches.

This puts her at the 25% on the Down Syndrome chart. So she is little for one with Down Syndrome. For #$@% and giggles, I plotted her on the typical growth chart. Umm, she doesn't even come close for height and maybe at the 3% for weight.

When they were born, they weighed the same with Maggie being 1 inch taller. The growth gap is getting to be quite remarkable as they get older.

I also had to add this picture to show that Maggie even "looks" older than her twin sister!

It's no wonder Molly is still considered the baby of the family by all of us.


MaggieMae said...

Interesting stats. I've never seen those and not quite sure I understand them completely. Regardless, my identical twins with DS were born 8 weeks premature at 4lbs 15oz and 4lbs 11oz... already well into the "typical" growth charts at nearly the 25th percentile, I believe. Since then, the MD says they've consistently stayed at the 50th percentile for height and weight though I haven't checked the charts myself. At 4 1/2 yoa, they are 47 lbs and 45.5 lbs and measure in at 3'5". Outliers, I think you call them.

Cammie Heflin said...

Too cute!

Michelle said...

They're both growing up so much! Three already!? Wow. And so cute!