Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another one down

I have to admit, I am not a big Halloween fan. I really don't have a reason as I really enjoyed it as a kid. Maybe because the school's now days do not even allow a costume anywhere near the school in fear of offending someone. I mean really, that was the best part of Halloween growing up; having the huge costume party in the gym. Now, I buy all these costumes so the kids can put a snowsuit over it to keep them warm in the cold MN October day and trick or treat for an hour.

Regardless of what mama thinks, I do it for the kids. As Gavin stated, "it was the FUNNEST day of my life!!" He totally loved it and had a great time roaming the neighborhood with his buddies, then hanging out after Trick or Treating for some more fun. He was so excited, he left before I was even able to get the camera out so no pic's of Gavin this year (He was Darth Vader)

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datri said...

Our school allowed costumes, but we are not allowed to send in candy or any other type of food item for the class for any occasion. We can't even send in non-food goody bags. Crazy. Can't the kids have FUN any more? Geez.