Monday, November 2, 2009

My proposal to you...

It all started when I followed Bethany and Kyle's journey as they brought Addison home from Russia.

Since then I have followed several blogs that have brought orphans with down syndrome home from Eastern Europe. And as I write this Renee and Frank are in Eastern Europe visiting with their newest daughter, Kellsey.

They have all found their angels through Reece's Rainbow.

RR is hosting the Angel Tree Project this holiday season. It is an event where ALL the pictures of all the waiting kids are opened up... in hopes that they find families, and if not families, then in hopes that they find sponsors to help lighten the financial load of their future family.

As stated in the video in my previous post, not everyone is called to adopt but everyone can give time, money, and prayers. We can and do save the "world" for an orphan with Down Syndrome.

While I am not in a position to adopt, I want to help them find their "forever family". So....

My proposal to all of you that read this: We all give to some charity or another for Christmas, am I right? Be it hosting a family in need, giving to the coat drive at the local salvation army, toys for tots and the list goes on and on, there is always something to give to. Even if it is small, a $10 gift to a charity to whatever amount, we all give to something.

This year, I encourage you to consider donating to the Angel Tree Prject instead. This is what I intend to do. Not any one of these charities is any less important to the life of a child, I know but this year, my heart is with this charity.

Go the Angel Tree Project and view all the darling babes and consider a donation to one or more of them. If nothing else, prayers are always welcome!!

Lera and her friends will thank you!!


Bethany said...

Aww breaks my heart to see these faces. :( Go get her already! LOL

Michelle said...

Hey! That's my Lilya we're going to bring home!! :)