Sunday, November 15, 2009

These BootsAre Made For Walkin'

Ha! Remember my whiny post about Molly's small feet?

Well, thank GOD for big sisters. My sister, Carie, found Miss Molly THE CUTEST pair of winter boots--size FOUR!! At Wal-Mart of all places!

They are sooo darn cute! Let it snow, let it snow, Let it snow!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love these! Lucy has really tiny feet, too. She never played in the snow last winter simply because I couldn't find boots for her. Thanks for sharing!! ~Courtney

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

I would love to interview you for the Meet the Families on my blog! I also have another question but will wait for your response :)


felicia said...

These boots are so cute! I want some!

The Mac's House said...

We found these boots the other day at Walmart too but they were in pink. Gotta love them though because they open up so wide to be able to wrangle the octopus feet into them. She stomps around the house in them, I think she is really liking the sound that they make.