Friday, December 4, 2009

Catching Up

I have been a bad, bad blogger. Oh, yes. I have been busy.

Between working, drowning in adoption paper work, and fundraising, I barely find the time to sleep. Yet, so much has happened here.

I met with Molly's team this past week to review her IEP. They just lover her. They gave me a lot of insight as to how she is doing. She struggles with ball handling and she likes to plop her butt down when she finds something challenging. She is still much too cautious on uneven surfaces. She is progressing beautifully in fine motor. She is able to color and draw in a straight line and circle. She can cut, with assistance.

I have noticed an influx in her verbal skills since she started school. She is much more indenpendant now. Potty training is still a big fat NOTHING!! Nope. Not interested. Nada. Oh, well.

Maggie has adjusted quite well to the one on one love she now has with mommy while her twin sister is in school. We do fun things together while the rest of the clan is at school. And if I have to work, she enjoys playing with "Maggie's Kitty" at daycare.

Then there is Bug-A-Boo! He is doing well in the First Grade. He plans on being a wrestler this winter--more to come on this. He is a great wrestler. He will do well.

He is such a kind hearted little boy. The othe day, while my stress level was at it's high, he came up to me and showed me a picture he had drawn. I asked him to tell me about this picture and he says, "This is our house, and this is me and Lera, my new sister". Oh, my heart just melted.

I know I don't blog a lot about Austin too often. He keeps to himself and refuses to pose for any picture for fear it will end up on the blog--lol!

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