Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Santa Picture!

I am not one to get the kids all dolled up in beautiful dresses and cute little sweaters with dress pants to go sit with Santa. We just go. As is. Nothing fancy.

So, we decide to go see Santa this year. Our trip to see the great man goes something like this:
  • Austin is complaining (like a 15 year would do) that he is much too old for this and laughs when he sees the picture reflecting that he is bigger than Santa. LOL!
  • Gavin is running up to Santa and jumps on his lap (like a 6 year old would do!) and blurts out that all he wants for Christmas is a Nerf Gun.
  • Maggie turns to stone (Like a 3 year Maggie would do!) and stands there completely stiff and scared out of her mind. Happens whenever a camera comes near her.
  • Molly. Well, she was trying to pull on Santa's beard and figure him out. No worries, no requests, no problem.

Until next year....


Molly said...

I love that you have a Molly! I'm partial to that name :-)

Felicia said...

Too cute! And yes, Austin is bigger than Santa. That's hilarious!

Julie said...

How cute!!! Austin sounds like our 14 year old who refused to go see Santa!

Michelle said...

I'm totally impressed that you were able to get all 4 kids together with Santa at the same time!! We can't seem to get more than one at a time this year!

The Mac's House said...

Great pic!