Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miss Molly's At It Again!

I walked up to the ladies bathroom and found this.... Then I found this...
"Look mom! I can go potty all by myself!!"

Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Main Man!

I was so sad that I was unable to spend Thanksgiving with not one single family member! I loath that I have to miss out on family stuff because of work. I love what I do and hospital nursing is my "thing". I wouldn't have it any other way. But this time of year, those few days matter to me. I usually take the holidays in stride. Because usually one side of the family or the other shift the "family get together" by a weekend or a day or two so if I miss one, I always know there is a family holiday party that I can look forward to in the upcoming days.

Not this year. Both sides decided to have Thanksgiving dinner ON Thanksgiving Day this year.

I was throwing this big old pitty party to Mike on Wednesday night. Throwing an all out fit that I have to miss out and wish that family would rearrange the holiday festivities for lonely old me. Yes, I know. Completely unrealistic. Not happinin', I know. But still. I had to miss out on seeing EVERYONE. That stinks! Truly stinks! The double time helped. That is about all I was thankful for on Thanksgiving. The pitty party continued through the holiday until....

I woke up on Friday afternoon to find that my wonderful husband had made an entire Thanksgiving feast for lonely old me! He thought of everything. The 16lb turkey, stuffing, potato's, my favorite green bean casserole. All the bells and whistles.

We sat down as a family (minus Austin as he was spending the holiday weekend at my sisters) for THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!!

I love my man!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Yup, it's two weeks post Halloween and here I am, finally getting around to blogging about it. You know, the week after Halloween, the blog world is full of fun posts of Halloween and I just didn't want to steal the show from I waited. Hee! Hee!

It was warm this year. This is significant because in MN, it can be so stinkin' cold or so incredibly warm on Halloween night. It was around 50 degrees when we started and slowly dropped off to around 42 degrees. Not bad! And it was a clear sky full of stars and a bright, bright moon! It couldn't have been more perfect!

I had a total blast editing these pictures on Picnik! They had some fun stuff on there! The kids just giggled and giggled when they saw these!

Notice Molly running AWAY from the camera in the upper left. Typical Molly!

Oh, but of course Maggie has to be throwing her doll right at the time the picture is shot!

Notice the stitches! A lot of people asked if they were real! Boy, Gav sure was proud to say "YUP!"

We took the kids to the Haunted House in town "before all the monsters woke up". They got to see the house with the lights on and got a handful of candy at the end. **This is the ONLY picture of Miss Molly Kate**

I love this house! They give out the best candy and have a great yard!

This house took the prize! It was full of scary stuff! Awesome!

We hit every single house in North Pointe this year! Each bag must've weighed 25#!! It will take the kids until Easter to eat it all!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Gavin's First HUGE Boo-Boo!

We have a great bedtime routine. One that I am very proud of.

We have bedtime snack and bath between 7-7:30. Then the kids get to watch one show at 7:30.
8:00 we brush our teeth, read our stories and lights out by 8:30.

It's a routine that usually goes quite smoothly.
Wednesday night was anything but smooth, simple, and quiet.

At 7:40, the kids are in our bedroom watching their show and I am at the computer, reviewing our benefits for the upcoming year through FedEx (Mike's new employer) when I hear a very loud THUMP followed by an alarming cry/scream from Gavin. You can recognize your kids' cry and this was a "OMG! I am terrified! I am really hurt!" cry.

I turned to Austin and said, "We are going to Urgent Care. The girls need to go to bed at 8"."

I was quite proud of my calm nature as Gavin came down the stairs with blood oozing from the middle of his forehead and a black and blue eye that already appeared to be puffy. I guess being a critical care pediatric nurse pays off. I've been in an emergency situation a time or two.

I text Mike to let him know what's going on (he was at work) and off we went to Urgent Care.

I must admit, I was worried that he had sustained a concussion. The wound could be stitched but I was worried about his head inside. I made him stay awake on the ride there. I kept asking him questions, to ensure his speech wasn't slurred. I asked him what the date was. He was tired. He wanted to sleep. After all, it was his bedtime. I wouldn't let him.

Daddy met us at Urgent Care. We had the talk with him that we had given him a hundred times over. NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!!!

Here is what he looked like before the stitches went in.

The poor kid looks just wiped out and dead tired. He just wanted to sleep.

The MD walked in, took one look at him and said, "Yup, he needs stitches."

EIGHT of them to be exact. He didn't even flinch when the doctor put in the lidocaine. He was too busy asking 101 questions. He was quite funny, actually. He did great! Mommy and daddy are so proud of our big boy!

In the morning, the eye looked so much worse! Poor buddy!

We kept him home from school yesterday for close observation. He went back today but was quite reluctant as he didn't want everyone to ask him what happened.

He jokes he should be frank n' stein for Halloween instead of a vampire.

Not a bad idea.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Diva Returns

I know I have blogged about my fashion diva before but I just had to do it again once more.

I pulled up from dropping the teenagers off at the skate park to see this totally cute little girl smiling at me!

So, let's review the diva's outfit, shall we?

  • We have the famous polka dotted hat and shiny purple coat; perfect for those cold winter days
  • Notice the swimsuit under her sundress; perfect for the beach since you never know when the opportunity will arise, you gotta be ready, right?
  • I didn't capture it but she is barefoot. Quite surprising actually since she goes between her flip flops, to Mary Jane's, to tennis shoes with in the first half of her day. You know, it just depends on her mood.
  • The outfit is topped off with a pink Barbie purse full of lip gloss and hair pretties

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

An added to treat to the party!

At our monthly get together with Na and Kristin, Naomi brought face paint. What a great idea! That woman is such a hoot! Each and every child was soooo excited to get their face painted and even more excited to be able to "pick" what they wanted to be...

Taya was a vampire...

Chloe was a kitty cat....

Maggie was a butterfly...

..And Gav, well he was a werewolf! Of course!

Even Austin took part! How cool is this kid, anyway? Bob, the military man, filled in for Na as he is a specialist in camo paint!

And the finished product! Mom with the teenager. Love this boy, I tell ya!

As you can tell, Gavin had the most fun running around trying to scare everyone

It was getting dark by the time we were done painting 7 cute little faces but here they all are!

Na, being the awesome person she is, made sure Molly was included! I was so excited to see Molly all done up!

Just because Molly is so funny, this is her signing "poop" and then laughing. She thinks she is so funny all the time with her silly signs!

Mag's with the IPod. She looked so engrossed in this game!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Favorite Ladies!

You don't have to have a lot of friends, just some really good ones! These two ladies, Kristin and Naomi have rocked my world and have been there for me and given me support when no one else has or can. And have made it summer to remember!

Love you, ladies!!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Minnesota Nice!

One of my favorite things about Minnesota is the summers here. This year has been an amazing summer for warm weather. We have really taken advantage of the seasonably warm weather by spending a lot of time outdoors and on the water.

And one of the best things about where we live is that we live near a large chain of lakes and we have family and friends that have allowed us to share time with them on their boats.

It is a Minnesota tradition to go tubing behind the boat and this is the first year The Gav Man has taken part and has totally taken to it and loves it!

My brother, Jeremy took him out for his Birthday this year and he enjoyed a day with his cousins. He and Creighton tore it up!

Maggie was quite hesitant to par take in such activities but did it while sitting with her favorite man....daddy!!

It's just as fun when you can sit on the deck of the pontoon and watch your friends tube!

Gavin loooooves Miss Ellie! Watch out Miss Chloe....Gav may not wait around for you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day In The Life...

I have been blessed enough to spend a solid six days with my wonderful children. I took on the role of the stay at home mom. A role that I have an immense amount of respect for those that chose this as their career. Really. You stay at home parents truly amaze me. Everyday.

My days go something like this...

I wake up to Maggie, each and every single day, saying the name that I dreamed about growing up and the I have grown love (**Cough**), "mom! mom! Get up! Go downstairs with me. Now!"

Nope, no time to gather my thoughts. No time to process what time it is or what day it is. No time to even pee. Just get up and get down stairs...NOW!!

As I try to relieve my bladder and make my pot of coffee, I get interrupted with cereal of her choice thrown in my face to pour her and her siblings their cereal. You know, NOW! As they haven't eaten in 12 hours, right? Starving. Just starving.

Wake the teenager so he can get to soccer practice.

Change Molly and help the kids get dressed. Remind them several times to go up and brush their teeth.

Then, and only then can I go to the bathroom and make my coffee. NOW mommy's day can begin...

Gotta get the laundry started. As I am walking down the 17 steps from upstairs to downstairs with a very heavy laundry basket, I get the "Mom! Mom! Help me tie my dress. Mom! Mom!" Just a bleeeeepin' minute babe! Can't you see my hands are COMPLETELY full? Ugh!!

Wake the teenager so he can go to soccer practice. Yeah, I know, I already did that once!

Get the litter of children in the van to bring the teenager to soccer. Only, the teenager isn't ready...of course. Fight with Maggie and Gavin as they insist on sitting somewhere else in the van other than their assign seats. Why do they always pick the worst times to play musical chairs?? We were gonna be late! So, I pick my battle. Instead of dealing with the melt downs (as I don't have time on my side), I unbuckle the harnesses and put them where they want. Pick up another kid that is never ready. So we are late to practice. AGAIN!~

Get home. Do breakfast dishes. Do a couple loads of laundry. Go back and pick up the teenager from soccer practice. Make a quick, yet healthy lunch.

Nap time. Ahhhhhh! Mommy time. Best time of the day! Woot! Woot! But it doesn't last long.

Get the ladies up from nap, have snack, and bring the teenager to the skate park.

Once I get home, I have to deal with a neighborhood bully being mean to Gavin so I have to go deal with that drama. While that is going on, it starts to rain cats and dogs.

Throw the kids back in the van to get the teenager from the skate park--quick!! NO, you can NOT play musical seats! At this point, I resent the 5-point harnesses!!

Get home. Make dinner. Do MORE laundry. Break up a few more fights. No one can agree as to what to watch so I have to threaten to turn the TV off all together. Thank God for Good 'Ol Sponge Bob!

Clean a bathroom or two.

Call my sister-in-law, whom has breast cancer, whom I would love to give my undivided attention to but that is nearly impossible as I have three little beings hanging from my leg yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!"

Lock myself in the garage and beg the teenager to watch them for 15 minutes so I can talk to her only to be interrupted by the teenager himself saying, "Mom! Are you done!"

Oh, just forget it! I will call her back. When? Well, I don't know, when Molly is 16??

Get the kids up to bed to brush their teeth and get their pull ups on. Fight with Molly to take her Melatonin so she will actually sleep through the night.

Have to read SIX bedtime stories. Why or why do you ask? Because no one can agree on a stinkin' story so I just end up reading a mini library. It's not a bad deal, however. The kids love it. So does mommy.

Then I fold all the laundry. Do the dinner dishes. And Crash!

So, I work the next 4 days. Thank you, God! Mommy is exhausted and needs a break! A break to the quiet walls of the NICU.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Shirt Says It All!

("I'm kind of a big deal")

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another subtle reminder

I have mentioned time and time again just how different my two beautiful twin daughters are.

One is Short. One is tall.

One has blue eyes. One has brown eyes.

One looks like daddy. One looks like mommy.

One has three 21st chromosomes. One only has two.

As the girls get older, I am really beginning to notice how (do I dare say it?) delayed Molly is in compared to Maggie.

Don't get me wrong (and those of you that personally know me know this to be true) I cherish and love every STINKIN' thing about Molly. She is a breath of fresh air, she can and does put a smile on anyone's face. She is such a dolly.

Nonetheless, she is delayed. That is a part of who she is. Period.

When I see them at the park, I see Maggie (whom was born 6 short minutes before her sister) running up the steps and down the slide in two seconds flat.

Molly takes a little bit longer (ok, a LOT longer! lol) to accomplish this task.

It's things like this on a day to day basis that reminds me of how different they are and watching the gap widen is an amazing journey.

Here is my reminder today:

Maggie: "Mom, I need Addison's blanket! It is for Addison only"
Me: "Where is it?"
Maggie: "In the closet"
Me: "OK, you can go in there and grab it"
Maggie: "No, I can't reach it! It is on the top shelf. The one high up. You know what I mean, mom?"
Me: "Oh, OK. I will get it down for you"
Maggie: "It is the one on the bottom. The purple one"

1) She names all of her babies and knows who is who
2) She knows where the "top and bottom" are
3) She knows her colors
4) She communicates with such ease.

This is how this would go if it were Molly asking for the blanket

Molly: "Mom!" "Mom!" "Mooooom!"
Me: "Yes, Molly?"
Molly: (signing blanket, then pointing) "blanket" (in Molly's language, of course)

Good enough for me. I enjoy watching my girls grow up to be independent little girls.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

8 years of bliss!!

Today, Mike and I are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary. "Today I will marry my that I laugh with, live for, dream with, love"
I picked this saying for our wedding invitations because I thought that this is really what marriage is all about. I can honestly say that it does incorporate well into our marriage.

We laugh. We sometimes just have to laugh and the crazy life that we share together. Constantly going. Moving. Action.
Live for. There are days that I live for Mike. Those days that only he can help me through it and I am so thankful that I have him in my life. He's a fabulous daddy to our litter of children. He is the soft and sensitive one. He keeps me grounded, if that's possible.

I also appreciate the fact that I get to live out my dreams with him.

Through the years, we've had our days. Rough times, good times, bad times. And I am sure that in the years to come there with be more rough times, good times, and bad times. But at the end of the day, we still have each other. And I love that!

I love you, honey bunny!!

My BIG little boy...

My little man turned 7 last month.

I am so proud of him. For so many reasons.

Gavin has come a long way in the past year. It really amazes me what a year makes.

He is so good with Molly. He is her protector. He has really stepped up to be the "big brother". I love watching him interact with her.

I love his energy. Each and every day, he wakes up (with a huge smile on his face!) and ponders what he is going to do that day. He lives each day to the absolute fullest!! He is our social butterfly. He has befriended every boy in the neighborhood and with his gentle spirit, has made sure that everyone gets to play. He ensures that no one is left out. Gotta love this kid!

His determination and his ability to focus has really transpired. He recently had swim lessons and he tried his best. Each and every lesson. He now looks forward to going to the lake so he can practice on the skills he has learned.

With baseball, his ambition really shows. He always asks that coach, "Can I be on first? Can I be on first?". He gets so fired up about baseball!

Going forward, I am excited to see what the next year will bring for BIG little boy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Whatta sweet boy he is!

With summer, comes many, many activities. Which is why I seriously haven't had time to blog.

We are enjoying summer to the absolute fullest with a jam packed agenda everyday. Mike and I both work full time. But in between work, we enjoy 4 baseballs games for the Gav man each week, one dance class, and swimming lessons. Not to mention my boy turned 7 on June 25th (more on this later, I guess)

The weekends are packed with some great memories with some fantastic friends full of camp fires, indulging of way too many smores, and days out at the lake. Somehow, grilling never seems to get old. Not to mention, my kids all have gills and LOVE the water.

We are yet to go on our summer vacation at the end of July, valleyfair, splashpad, movies, and more campfires!

There was one thing that brought me to blogging today. It is something that I have write down so I don't forget. It's a little something Gavin said.

While we were watching Maggie at dance class last week, this woman comes up to Molly and says, "Hi, Ruby!"

There is another little girl in our community with Down Syndrome. I corrected her by saying, "Oh, this is Miss Molly. Ruby and Molly do look a lot alike".

Gavin was confused. He wanted to know why that woman called Molly "Ruby." (Gav has never met Ruby so he didn't know who she was talking about)

I told Gavin, "well, she is another little girl that has Down Syndrome"

Gavin asks, "What's Down Syndrome?"

Thought to myself "Mmmmmm....what is DS? Does he really not know what that is? He has to know! After all, Molly is almost 4! Do we not use that term at home, really?..."

Gav interrupts my thought and says, "Ooooh, Ruby is cute and nice, just like Molly?"

Yes, Gav. That is what Down Syndrome is!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yup, she did it again!

Editors Note: The photos that go with this post are in the post right before this one. Couldn't do it any other way.


Oh. Miss Molly has done it again!

The grad party we were at this weekend had this wonderful PURPLE cake (the schools colors) and the very second and I mean the VERY SECOND Molly saw that cake, she was diggin' in it!!!!!

There was NO stopping her. It was sooo quick, I didn't have a chance to stop those short little fingers from diggin'!!

What can I say, my Molly has a sweet tooth and she will stop at nothing to get it.

Good Golly Miss Molly!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Shot

Austin's activity of choice is skateboarding (Soccer to resume this summer).

While skimming through my facebook friends today, I saw these awesome pics of Austin skateboarding. I do not know when they were taken or who took them. I don't dare ask him in fear he just MIGHT read my blog.

You see, I have strict orders to keep any and all pictures of him away from the blog, and if he knows I know about these, he would realize that they will go up on the blog)

Anyway, I was impressed with his skateboarding "tricks".