Monday, January 18, 2010

Drama, Drama!

This past New Years Eve was by far, was one of the most memorable New Years Eve I have ever experienced.

Mike and I decided to try a new water park that we hadn't experienced before. The name of the place shall remain anonymous. We loaded up the kids and headed out. We met my friend Kristin and Naomi up there with their families. It was going to be a fun time with good friends.

The water park was warm and inviting (I hate it when we go to a park and water is freezing and the kids want nothing to do with it!). The water slide was totally awesome with lights and music. The kids absolutely loved it! Miss Molly loved the kiddie water park. The arcade was a plus for the Gav man.

We ordered in room service and enjoyed the evening of New Years Eve in the room. Every last child managed to stay awake until 1am! That is amazing to me. You would think at least on of them would have fallen asleep.

Woke up and had another great, fun filled day at the water park. Enjoyed some more room service and just chilled. Then we went to bed....

Gavin woke up at midnight throwing up and didn't stop all night.
Taya woke up at 4am throwing up and didn't stop all night.
Chloe woke up at 4 am throwing up and didn't stop all night.
Ellie woke up at 7 am throwing up.

Walked out into the hallway to find that about half of the rooms on our floor had linens in the hallway. Turns out that a large number of children and a few adults were throwing up all night as well.


Asked the front desk staff (as the manager was "on vacation") to call the MN Dept of Health as there is definitely something going on here and even recommended that they shut the water park down until they can figure out what was making everyone sick. The answer we got from her was, "It's just the STOMACH FLU"! Are you kidding me??

So we left. In a hurry!!

Maggie got sick on the way home. The two daddy's that went with us got sick and ended up missing a day of work. Mike and I got sick and felt like garbage for the following two days. Really, the only person that did NOT get sick out of all of us (there were a total of 12 of us) was Kristin.

The following week, I did get in touch with the manager and she stated that the MN Dept of Health did indeed find a flu like bug living in several of the rooms. The water park was (surprisingly) free of this organism. It was only found in the rooms. They shut down for three days to clean and teach the cleaning staff the proper way to clean the rooms and ordered a new line of cleaning products.

We got a full refund. And a New Years that we will not soon forget.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Look at my big boy??!!! We "tricked" him into this picture~! I am sooo excited~!

This one may be blurry but Austin is all smiles!!

Extra shot with Gavin and Kooper snowmobiling~